Uniform Zine Q+A



Uniform is sound, art, film, and writing by underground women, for everyone. Throughout the last year Uniform has thrown a series of !No Venues! events in the streets, the parks, the bars, the car parks, and the gardens of Auckland. In March 2015 these and other activities and conversations by the group were documented in a Uniform magazine and video zine. Uniform is about doing something now without asking first.

What is Uniform about?
Uniform is about doing something now
How did Uniform start?
Uniform started out of conversation
What makes Uniform unique?
Uniform is not unique
What do you want readers to feel or think about while reading Uniform?
Uniform want you to feel and think free. Free baby free.
What are you most looking forward to at Auckland Zinefest?
Sharing, swapping, doing, talking, reading, drawing, writing, hanging, fanging.

2015 Zinefest Opening Party

Help us kick off Auckland Zinefest 2015 at our opening party! We will be featuring poetry readings and music performances. The event is free and everyone is welcome.

The fantastic poster is by the talented Miriam Collins.

Location: Audio Foundation, Sub-Basement of the Parisian Tie Factory, 4 Poynton Terrace
Date: Friday 21 August
Time: 7pm til late

Opening party colour poster


Sell your zine at Academy Cinemas

Academy CinemasArt house films and zines make a complementary pairing and Academy Cinemas is looking to set up a book and zine collection for sale!

If you’d like to submit zines for sale to Academy Cinemas, please email Camila at cinema[at]academycinemas[dot]co[dot]nz. Local zines related to film would be ideal!