Q+A with Inky Palms

August 21, 2015

Inky Palms is a gallery in La Gonda Arcade, Karangahape Road, run by friends and zine-hounds Dirk, Chippy, and Oli


AZF: Hey there, I keep writing your name as ‘Inky Pals’ bc I am quite tired! Tell us about your friendship? D: Haha, we are though!! Chris and I have been collaborating for years on all sorts of projects and although Oli has been overseas quite a bit recently we still manage to collaborate long-distance. Inky Palms is just a cool place for all of our ideas to collide! C: Dirk and I basically started hanging out together a couple years ago when we met each other through swapping zines. We both had been printing our zines on risographs and it was kind of mind blowing that somebody else was using a riso in Auckland at that time. Oli, who runs Inky with us, owned the risograph so we'd hang out a lot in his living room drawing, drinking beer and printing and the over time Inky Palms just kind of naturally emerged.



Q+A with Dryden Street Distro

August 16, 2015

Dryden Street Distro is currently being operated by three zine-makers who came up out of the AUT Zine Club; Eden Short, Lauren Maree Stewart, and Ezra Whittaker-Powley.

Dryden St



Q + A with Fresh & Fruity

August 15, 2015

Fresh Fruity Fresh & Fruity, the all-female collective, will present Dreary Modern Life. Dreary Modern Life is an occasional publication, founded in 2013 by Hana Aoake. It is co-curated by Hana Aoake and Mya Middleton. Previous issues include, the internet, biophilia and performativity. Dreary Modern Life is printed in A5 and is limited to 100 copies. http://issuu.com/drearymodernlifemagazine (more…)Facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedintumblrmail