2017 Stall Holders

July 17, 2017

Insects of New Zealand playing card project New Zealand is host to about 20,000 insect species, the vast majority of which are only found here. They mostly remain just out of view but nevertheless share our cities, our mountains, our beaches and our forests. They are beautiful and they are bizarre and they are vital characters in our environment. The Insects of New Zealand zine is a companion handbook to the Insects of New Zealand playing cards. It includes illustrations and brief descriptions of all the 54 species featured in the card deck in addition to a basic introduction to the world of insects.
Racial Equity Aotearoa (REA)is an organisation committed to the kaupapa of Indigenous mana motuhake, and the dismantling of systemic racism in Aotearoa New Zealand. REA aims to build decolonising conversation and action between Tāngata Whenua and Tāngata Tiriti. This aim occurs within the wider goal of ‘resetting the agenda’ within Aotearoa, also known as ‘constitutional transformation’. The REA haka ‘Ka Whakawhananga te Iwi’ depicts this goal.
Mutton HoneyKirsten Slade is a Wellington-based illustrator, writer and creator of comics. After a roller derby-induced concussion cut short her dreams being a paramedic super-shero, she returned to her art school roots and started drawing again. All her zines are lovingly hand illustrated with an old-timey dip pen and ink. At the fest you can pick up copies of Lunch Box Notes, Becky with the Grey Hair, Heavy Petting and The One About Babes. Instagram
Struggle ZineStruggle Zine is a journal by Catarina de Peters, one of self-care and healing for those who live knee deep in struggle. Struggle celebrates youth through creative writing, including short essay, poetry and non-fiction, through varied themes of personal struggle, these are tales for all. For unashamed weeping. The Struggle is coming. Website

Xephia Kirsti (pseudonym xephia) is an Auckland-based illustrator. Her zines include illustrated poetry, mini comics, how-to guides, and excerpts from her sketchbooks. She enjoys experimenting with colour, binding, and texture, and collaborating with other artists and writers. Meeting other zine makers and artists is her favourite part of zinefest, and she is always happy to do zine trades at the end of the day.

Feminists of Colour are a politically-minded collective of people of colour. We aim to foster a space in which issues of around feminism, racism and oppression can be discussed and organised around. Our zines reflect this, showcasing a variety of disparate experiences connected by a resistance against the establishment. Our zines are all collaborative works, with FoC members contributing pieces on themes that range from family to food to dreams.

Pure Cream (Clare Gemima) Essentially, Zine Fest and the ethos around the DIY of small publications and the hand made has inspired Pure Cream. We are interested in creating funky, under-dog styled pieces of jewellery out of acrylic and aluminium, but are still learning the ropes of using more manually manipulating tools such as etching, drilling and sanding materials. Pure Cream supports crafters and creators alike, as well as having a huge interest in design, photography and fine art prints, stickers, textiles and of course ZINES. Instagram

Limery Licks (Purita Mok) Purita's zines are the results of her being bored and creative at the same time. Her Limerick Lick zines are a combo of rhymes and doodles, while her latest Bus Bustings zine is a series of rants about various annoying characters seen on her bus ride. Purita loves doodling in her spare time and has no settled drawing style.

Izac Smells Set in a world where God has lost the rulebook, Izak Smells is a comic that blends dark absurdity and wry tragedy, with a bit of cute stuff thrown in for good measure. Izak Flash, Becky Hunt and Kristof Haines collaborate to create a new comic strip three times a week, which can be found at IzakSmells.com

Ultra (Isabella Young) A collection of card prints and collages of my paintings and photography. Inspired heavily by nature, colour and experiences. Pieces doodled upon in mixed medias and gold inks. Instagram

Prune Friend (Jack) A humble collection of zines and trinkets depicting portals to a far away land. Here, its inhabitants are reawakening their humanity and unearthing darker forces that have laid dormant until now. Come and experience the first encounter with these people and discover what secrets they hold. Tumblr   Instagram

Sad Vacation SAD VACATION is a lit zine with a punk attitude. it began when several writers from across the states/+1 parisian were all united through their common interest in prose/verse poetry. brooklyn, new york. Tumblr

Thrillhouse Thrillhouse consists of Emily and Vanessa. Emily makes drawings, photos and collages making a constellation of personal / cosmic attempting to address areas of intimacy, places of vastness. Vanessa makes comics about personal experiences that explore themes of diasporic identity.

Worn Out Ahnand and Jess are two like minded illustrators who both have a background in the auckland punk music community, from playing music to album art and gig posters. They both indulge in their shared love of pop culture, neon and weirdness.

Shlipp Comix In the 90’s I put out a bunch of self-published comics from home in Whanganui with the aid of a work photocopier (Thanks Tearaway Magazine!) and NZ post. Shlipp Comix #1 and #2 were printed and released while in Auckland before a move to London in 1997. Photocopiers are a bit better nowadays, and scanners were invented, so for this 2017 re-release, the signed and numbered limited edition of 40 pack contains: http://willqatd.wixsite.com/willsaundersart

Theo Macdonald recently completed a BFA (Hons) at Elam School of Fine Arts, working in the fields of performance, video, and writing. He is based in Auckland, co-hosts the radio show Artbank on 95bFM, and is a member of the bands PISS CANNONN and APPLE MUSIC. The comics he makes are mostly concerned with monkeys, hero worship, and the weight of history. His new favourite Prince song is "The Ballad of Dorothy Parker," off the album "Sign 'O' The Times." Website

What We Loved Was Not Enough This group of creative friends whose skills range from the written word to illustration, photography, design, graffiti and architecture love to make zines that cover such things as identity, memory and emotion, ironic illustrations of pop culture, mythologies and the surreal.  notwithmiri.squarespace.com 
 http://freedom-toast.tumblr.com  www.instagram.com/bittersweet_joy

Suga Cyan is a meteorite that crashed in the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico. Upon achieving self consciousness it started drawing and hasn't stopped since. Living a double life as an illustrator and graphic designer, this inert rock from outer space has been publishing cool stuff for ten years through outlets big and small... yet it wanders the globe longing to escape back into the black void in came from. It's rich in osmium www.sugacyan.com

Laura Gigi Allin (Laura Allen)
•pocket sized zines! •great range of colours!
•some sweet prints! •affordable prices!
•some freakin sick drawings! •great concepts!
fun fact about me, i have absolutely not a clue how to use photoshop so every zine with computer text has been printed, cut out, glued and photocopied, isn't that wild? it's 2017.

Shakti Youth Network for Change (SYNC) is the zine produced by Shakti Youth. It is also the name of our project to bring together and empower young people from various Asian, African and Middle Eastern communities in Aotearoa NZ passionate about social justice and building towards a violence-free future. As our zine is an extension of this project, we explore issues around family violence, intergenerational cultural conflicts, racism, feminism and more.
Shakti provides free and confidential support for women, youth and children from Asian, Middle Eastern and African backgrounds going through family violence. To access these services call 0800 742584 (SHAKTI), which is 24 hours 7 days a week.

Lucky (Imogen Wilson) Stylist, photographer and co-founder of The Others Agency, Imogen Wilson launches LUCKY. Following on from 17 Flowers, an intimate photo zine featuring fresh young female faces she created with photographed Constance McDonald last September, LUCKY is all about growing up. A study of 10 girls photographed over 2016 by Imogen, between Wellington and Auckland, LUCKY examines that in-between age, the tensions between being unsure and confident, somewhat uncertain but excited. Graphic design for LUCKY is by Roydon Misseldine of Subject.

Sonic Comic is a diverse and fascinating collection of single works that are both comics and sounds. It’s a publication and playlist; a celebration of musicians who make comics and comic artists who make music.
In Aotearoa/New Zealand there have always been artists who make both comics and music. While the work of a few individuals has been showcased there have been no opportunities to explore and celebrate the comics-music tradition as a whole; as an activity or community with its own interesting and rich works and approaches. Sonic Comic aims to do exactly this, inviting a number of diverse and established comics-and-music-making individuals and groups to contribute works to the book and album. Edited by Beth Dawson, Chris Cudby, and Indira Neville, Sonic Comic includes contributions from sound and visual artists: 7 Keys, Adrian Ganley, Bek Coogan, Benedict Quilter, Brendan Philip, Brent Willis, Caroline Anderson, Clayton Noone & Stefan Neville, Cookie Stains, Daniel Canada, Dean Ballinger, Demarnia Lloyd, Edward Gains, Glen Ross, G. Frenzy, Greg Page, Grits 'n Grams, Jade Farley, Liz Mathews, M.F Joyce, M. Emery, Matthew Davies, Mitch Marks, Octopus, Oliver Stewart, Omit, Robert Scott, The Futurians, The Rabbid & The Doll, Toby Morris, Tokerau Wilson, and Wendyhouse

Hookupculture Our stall includes contributions from both Auckland and Wellington creatives. Gabrielle Stoddard and Xanthe Brookes ( Akl ) with their zine from their project called ‘ Hook up culture ‘ which is to help start a conversation around sexual health, gender, self love, consent etc. A Zine by Gabrielle Stoddard called ‘ You tell me’, Which focuses on the unspoken words of today and questions rarely asked. Also Zines by Tom Shackleton ( Akl ) which is a photo essay of youth culture, Tiori ( Wellington ) ‘ Image Dump ‘ a zine of his photography, Olivia’s ( Wellington ) zine ‘ bite of more than you could chew’ which is a mixture if photography and journal entries and Nic little ( Wellington ) contributing a zine of photographs and illustrations.
Instagram - @hookupculture

Mellow Yellow Established in 2005, the first issue of the Mellow Yellow zine was first created over a decade ago aiming to explore what it meant to be Chinese living on colonised land. Coming to issue #8, our zine will reflect a dominant theme surrounding memories of migration or childhood experiences, in relation to gender and culture. In saying this however, our zine still aims at encompassing Asian experiences in Aotearoa/New Zealand as a whole. Mellow Yellow is all about opening up a space in which Asian feminists in Aotearoa can speak and communicate our specific and diverse experiences, to counter the dominant white feminisms and left-wing politics, to challenge colonialism, racism, sexism and all forms of unjust social hierarchy. We exist to support struggles for decolonisation, to create understanding between all oppressed peoples, to support each other, to inspire solidarity and organise collectively for a better world.

Ash Spittal I am an illustrator and zine-maker from Auckland. I make fanzines about anything that interests me - from boys in bands to queer politics to fantasy and science-fiction. This year I will be selling my new zine ‘dear you’ (titled after the Jawbreaker album of the same name). I will also be selling accompanying badges, stickers and posters. I’m really excited to be launching dear you at Auckland Zinefest 2017 and hope that the zine will be the first issue of an ongoing print project. While issue one may not be solely about Planet Of the Apes, I feel that the vibe of this film (the original of course) is what dear you is all about. I love self published comics and zines and I’m looking forward to being involved in Zinefest this year.

Alice Bush The zines that I make are about feminism, witchcraft, the spiritual and the supernatural. They're about the modern feminist reclaiming the idea of the witch. Looking back on our history, learning and remembering the woman that came before us.

Rachel Hope Peary My works are an extension of my painting and sculpture practice, exploring layer, texture, shape, colour and transparency. Website

Aotearotica is New Zealand's first and only erotic literary journal. It explores sex, sexuality and gender through stories, poems and saucy illustration. It's clever, modern and a lot of fun.

Anxiety A zine about anxiety and an exercise in exorcising demons feat. the cognitive behavioural triangle, a linguistic exploration of the word 'anxiety' and associated terms, Sarte's lobster and other musings.

Remote Photobooks distributes select photobooks and photo-related zines/publications from both established and emerging photographers/bookmakers and independent publishers in New Zealand. Remote Photobooks was founded in January 2015 by Anita Tótha. Website

Peter Torckler Hiya, my name's Peter and I like to draw. Half of my zines are drawings of naked people, the rest chronicle the pastel life of a dopey looking fellow. Come and check out my stuff at the community table as I try figure out how to make pretty looking zines!

Controlzee My Zine is a collection of different ranges of Mermaids that show off their beauty with bright colours and individual styles with an added touch of sparkles because the world needs more sparkles. This Zine is like mini artwork display to show off to the world. Website

Dropthedrawing (Simon Fletcher)
This zine is experimental comic based on some preoccupations I have been experiencing lately, about the end of the world etc. These preoccupations stem from some of my personal beliefs.I will also be selling two other zines 'Inktober 2016' and 'Take me back'. Website

Melissa Laing is an artist and writer who creates publications in the intersection of art, politics and (in)security. She lives out west and goes on boating adventures in Auckland's rivers and estuaries with her friends.

Inky Palms ❃ In a whirlwind of coloured pigment and rolling barrels the Inky crew have been slow-cooking up another tasty printed banquet to serve for their third time showing at Auckland Zinefest. Riso zines, spiral-bound calendars, postcards, totes and a whole lot more of local, lo-fi paper goodness will be laid out ready to serve. Noiche. ❃( ˘ ³˘)

David Merritt Poet David Merritt has a broad, strong back, well suited for organic gardening, driving old Landrovers and reinventing the economics of poetry. He makes publications from recycled Readers Digest Condensed
book covers and banana box cardboards. Using stamp pad alphabet sets, a stapler, glue sticks, a photocopier and a copyleft intellectual property model, Landroverfarm Press has now published over 90 distinct titles from unique single page A3 publications to collections, boxsets, #poetryracks and anthologies.

Nick Jamieson My work uses a combination of digital collage and traditional print mediums to push the boundaries of what a zine can be. My zines tend to prioritise aesthetics and composition over narrative and text due to my fine arts background and are a mixture of manufactured and handmade bespoke publications ranging in medium from inkjet printer to acrylic paint to duct tape. All of these things combine to blur the line between art and book!

Creative Commune Nestled in the volcanic rock of Owairaka lives a Creative Commune of diverse folks ranging in age from three to sixty. By day they may go by baker, barista, musician, analyst, actor, IT guy, tattoo artist and more but by night they let their zine and print making flags fly. Their wares range from a series of tiny zines, some regular sizes zines (stories, recollections & funnies) as well as prints, post cards and other general aesthetic radness.

Pizza Sneakers is a collection of absurdist humour comics in short story format by Marc Streeter. Each comic is a chance to explore a story, try something new with the art or just tell a silly joke the world didn’t know it needed. Why Pizza Sneakers? Well it’s the combination of two things that separately are awesome so combined must be doubly awesome right? Hopefully it also makes people smile as much as the comics do. https://www.pizzasneakers.com

Ghost Leg Collective is a small team of ex-Unitec students who have come together for their interest in zines, memes and illustration. You'll often find us creating light hearted content that makes people giggle like a schoolgirl or chuckle quietly in their head. Every year since we've participated in Zinefest, we have produced our own collaborative zine. Each annual zine features a different theme and this year's zine is "Shit My Clients Say," a sequel to the popular "Shit My Lecturers Say."

F.A.Y (Ellen Walker) I create zines under the name F.A.Y. I have been making zines since I finally worked up the courage to do it in 2015 with a couple of my friends. I'm now out on my own making zines about all kinds of literary and personal subjects including eczema, feminism and my eye appointment. I'm a committee member for Wellington Zinefest. Come say hi, we can chat about that and you can swap or buy one of my zines. You can find my work online under the Closet Monster Zines facebook page.

DizziePixie I am an Artist and Poet based in Auckland. I design and make Dreamcatchers , mainly form up-cycled items. All of my pieces are unique and I create to order. I also run Mindful Making workshops for all ages. This is a tiny collection of poetry.
I have a vast amount of work, writing poetry is my escape, my freedom & my relaxation. "Dreamers and Doers " is my first Zine, the first of many editions. Want to read more? let me know.

Auckland Peace Action organises direct actions and makes performance art, zines and comics. We exist to oppose war and war profiteering in Aotearoa and the world. We stand against the military-industrial complex and its role in promoting capitalism, colonialism, misery and murder. We envision a world free from oppression with a demilitarised and decolonised Pacific. Last year we shut down an international weapons expo on the waterfront for a whole day and then disrupted the next day with a free noise performance. We've been challenging the military-industrial complex ever since. Twitter

Pom Pom Dynamite is an Auckland-based group who simply love to draw and create. The thing that drew them towards zines was the freedom of self expression and being able to create a work on any topic imaginable. This year they will be presenting a series of art zines, as well as stickers and prints.
Our Members: ~ Coriyu moonlights as an artist, drawing cute things her spare time. She loves to create artwork that evoke the world inside her mind and also takes interest in coding, musicals, and fashion subcultures. ~ Chloe is a freelance illustrator and librarian who is constantly inspired by the world around her, especially by the curiously odd yet beautiful mother nature and those little creatures called humans...which is why sometimes she feels the need to make zines about them. Website

Sundry Papers distributes zines and mini comics on behalf of others. Some topics of the zines include: a guide to dealing with the police, a pizza loving squirrel's story, autobio diary comics, insects found in the Waitakere Ranges, paintings of Cook Islands-based dogs, easy dinner recipes, a character named 'Love's Secretary', and photographs of a few Auckland video stores.

#Buffboiz is made up of the duo, deadbeat jazz & peels. deadbeat jazz (@deadbeatjazz) draws & photographs alien beings. while peels (@peels_peels) focuses on rappers lives and drawing them terribly!

Louis Graham - Louis’ Zines. Louis currently lives in Dunedin working as a graphic designer. When not doing that he makes cartoons exploring our relationships with nature and with ourselves. He also helps organise the Annual Dunedin Zinefest. Website

Natalie Lim Imagine being warped into a land made of clay, mouth stuffed with socks with feet sinking to the ground. That could potentially summarise my work.

Kids Eat Shadows (Matt Whatley and James McLaughlin) Two guys with a collection of illustrations, prints and zines, and a love of pop culture, design and original stories.

Eddie Monotone makes comics and illustrations. Some are funny, some are sad, some are scary, some have robots in them. These categories often overlap. At Auckland Zinefest Eddie will have copies of Grin (a horror comic about a girl who wakes up with a mouth where her stomach should be), Weird Birds (drawings of weird birds), and selected prints.

Sophie Watson is an Auckland based artist, illustrator and zine maker. She works predominantly in paint, however her many and varied interests mean her practices encompasses printmaking, paper craft, making comics, collaging and creating zines. Although disparate these mediums are united through a characteristic wonky charm which hints at a wry sense of humour and a preoccupation with everyday strangeness. Her zines have won ‘Best of the Fest’ awards at the Auckland Zinefest and her comics were featured in Three Words: An Anthology of Aotearoa/NZ Women’s Comics.

The Small Ideas Company Nicola and Jamie are creators of zines, stickers, and a healthy population of unusual characters. They spend their time working through a lengthy list of films to watch, as well as creating things together over cups of tea. Each coming from different background in design (graphic design and fashion design) they find common ground in storytelling through characters, giving life and individuality to any small thought.

Aleksander Sakowski The first of 4 volumes, The_Mecha_Genesis by Aleksander Sakowski chronicles the emergence of our silicon offspring and their rise to deity like status, as well as our own symbiotic ascension through them. It tells the story of how our future ancestors dealt with the evolution of intelligence transforming from carbon-based life to silicon-based life. The genre of the graphic novel is experimental. Essentially it is a character wiki set over the course of the next 2000 years. Each volume chronicles 25 characters from a specific location in the world of The_Mecha_Genesis.

Raewyn Alexander Since being a Tron girl in the top of a tree, Raewyn's drawn pictures and told stories; reading her life-boat to anywhere. Making artist books and zines for eons, she also offers zine-making, writing, and drawing workshops, so book her for your group. Published world-wide. More at www.raewynalexanderarts.com or waywincraft on fb or google her

Auckland Libraries holds over 1000 local and international zines to browse and borrow. They are housed at the Central Library (and include an historic NZ collection) but most are requestable to any local branch. Our zine librarians will be at Zinefest to answer questions and give away some of their own creations.

Joanna Ch0 and Finn Houlihan
'I Don't Know What To Do' is a whimsical quasi-allegory of a man and woman in unrelated but simultaneous situations. Finn is trying to get rid of a messy flatmate whose behaviour has taken a strange turn, and Jo is unsure how to deal with kindness from a stranger in a wine shop.

Elamite Kia Ora! Elamite is a quarterly zine of writing around art and culture from Tāmaki Makaurau and beyond. Student run, and based out of Elam School of Fine Arts, Elamite aims to open up a platform for critical conversation in and around our communities. Anyone and everyone can submit writing of any kind to Elamite, and we encourage responses to previous issues and content. We include a notices and upcoming exhibitions/ events insert in each zine, and host poetry and writing evenings with our zine launches. To contact us or send in a submission, please email elamite.zine@gmail.com. Nau mai, haere mai!

South An exploration of South Auckland beyond the pre-conceived notions and stereotypes through image and text. Exploring the rich diversity (food, culture, arts) that South Auckland has to offer.

James Horton A free zine of a collection of stories (tell me) spanning the past 5 years. Define Oasis.

Z.R Southcombe Zee is a children’s author, illustrator & fine artist who approaches all her work with vigour and imagination. Her fiction has been short-listed for the Sir Julius Vogel Awards in the Best Youth Novelcategory, and she has had work commissioned for the Auckland Arts Festival, Artweek Auckland, Wellington Botanic Gardens, and the Auckland Heritage Festival. Zee had her debut fine art exhibition at Youthline Gallery in 2016.
Zee works to promote other artists, especially young creatives, through collaboration, encouragement, and publishing opportunities such as the NZ Young Writers Anthology and Spotlight On New Zealand Arts (SONZA). She shares her knowledge and experience by visiting schools and participating in community events. She has spoken at events including the National Bookseller’s Conference, Lexicon, and at Auckland Libraries. When not making stuff, Zee can be found with a cup of tea and a good book, planning her next creative adventure, or out for a walk in the beautiful forests of Aotearoa.

Nicholas Males “Fred the Cape Peninsula Mugger” follows the humorous adaptation of a true story in which 'Fred' a Chacma Baboon becomes Ill-famed through his antics. His run-ins with the locals are limitless and always tend to end in violence, leaving him battered and bruised but nevertheless more angry and bloodthirsty than the previous edition.
Instagram: @gypsyzzs

Abhi Topiwala is a designer and illustrator that creates typographic works with a splash of wit and a sprinkle of colour (a little more than just a sprinkle to be honest). He goes by the shorter name atopiwala and is all about bringing a smile to readers’ faces. Drawing (literally) from the world around him, his favourite sources of inspiration are movies, music, and books. Instagram


Fraser Graham is a Design Student currently in his final year of studying a Bachelor of Creative Enterprise at Unitec. His strengths  lie in illustration, often comparing his work to  cartoons from now and from the 90’s. Describing his illustrative style as the "Odd Bod Revival" ( if anyone remember the collectible cards from chip packets ). His work is often based around skate culture, cartoons and current political issues from around the world and right here in New Zealand

Team 3000 Press Comics, drawings, games and prose by Sergio Cornaga, Liam Bowen, Max Coombes & Suneil Narsai.

The Daily Malaise is a lit zine / the general and vague musings of jessica lim, a 23-year old lost grad with a penchant for political theory, film, and literary criticism. Wellington, new zealand. thedailymalaise.tumblr.com  

Matt Haworth is a freelance illustrator, comic creator and all round creative. He also teaches kids to draw with his company Treehouse Drawing Workshops!

Toby Morris is an illustrator, cartoonist, comic artist, children’s book author and zine lover. He has been making zines and comics since the age of 13 and these days draws the non-fiction social issues comic The Pencilsword for the Wireless website. He is based at Inky Palms where he gets to be surrounded by riso ink and mean artwork and stacks of zines every day. Website

TV Competition: Future Future Future A comic/zine group that has grown from the artists associated with Màpura Studios. It is a randomised powerhouse, generating personalised strategies of owning culture at large through inhabiting slips, spills, gaps and margins left aside. Auckland will see the premiere of the groups 200+ page annual for 2016, “Annû‘um Mä’pura”, as well as new individual comics by Kaan, Shaw, Allegra, and Trevor.

Udya Andrahennadige, I am a mix media artist who paints eclectic portraits of women in watercolour/Acrylic by combining ornamentation with collage and patterns.

Wairehu Grant An over-caffeinated advocate of spooky surrealism, with more Stephen King novels and hair product than sense. Find me online or at my house.

Emily Cater loves to notice the little things in life and keep a visual record of these. She draws with a tiny pen and adds details with gouache or watercolour. Her most recent zine, 'Left Behind' is a chronicle of all the things that she managed to resist buying from the op shop. She will also be bringing along 'My Magpie Eye,' about collections, and 'Denizens' about the inhabitants of an imaginary town called Ruby.

Hey! My name is Clay and I'm excited to be showing my stuff at the 2017 Auckland Zinefest. Creation, critical thought and growth are very important things to me and I make art to feel alive. I am a trans, mentally ill and neurodivergent person and the pressure that comes with having to live in a society that treats my friends and I like shit, also acts as a driving factor behind my work.
I created the zine 'Transition is Freedom' and it won 1st place in the InsideOUT Expression arts competition In December last year, and I'll be showing a new zine I've made for this Zinefest, where I've been exploring using photography and design to infodump my recent thoughts and feelings about myself, and finding out who I am.
Hope to see u there !!!

Erin Fae is an artist, activist and mischief maker who lives at the base of Mt Eden. She makes all sorts of duplicates, prints and books, and self-publishes the feminist art and perzine, Imaginary Windows and the Taylor Swift fanzine, Mess of a Dreamer. She is debuting a new zine of newspaper haikus at this year's fest. www.erinfae.com

Dryden Street Distro is an Auckland-based collective and distribution platform, selling zines on behalf of zinemakers throughout New Zealand. They provide a platform to showcase and sell some amazing local zines to the world.

Amane & Me studies the inhabitants of the forest through clay, fabric and printed matter – a collection of monochromatic, subconscious memorabilia. They record their field trips in a series of annual journals, resulting in a stilted, mechanical narrative interspersed. They launch a new publication every year at Zinefest.