What We Loved Was Not Enough

July 12, 2015

A collective of friends engaged in creative activity. Their activities are based in the 5th dimension. One that is not contact able by space or time.. and light is too heavy to even reach it. A black hole of possibilities. But within this twilight of orbs, there is a crowning chakra of connection. Miriam makes strange and esoteric illustrations that represent her world in a weirdly cryptic way. Juliette is ensconced in all things floral and the oddities of religion. Thomas is a funny guy. Maya is our resident of wonders still yet to be discovered. Israel is our alchemist, student of the stars and creator of elixirs. Others may be involved but Ultimately zines will flow from their river of inspiration as foretold by the cards. http://tumbleweeddustballs.tumblr.com/