Day 15 of Zines: The Tiny Zine Collection, Ash Spittal and Kakelake

July 15, 2014

Day 15 of Zines features The Tiny Zine Collection, Kakelake and Ash Spittal. They're all veterans of Auckland Zinefest and we're looking forward to seeing them again this year!   Day-15          
  TINYZINE6_n                   The Tiny Zine Collection The Tiny Zine Collection: Measuring a mere 5cm by 7cm, each 28 page edition of The Tiny Zine Collection more than makes up in quality what it lacks in size. Well, actually the size is pretty cute... so it's win/win. From the Tiny Zine of Scary Peen (cataloguing some of natures most bizarre genitalia) to the Tiny Zine of Useful Concepts for the Blossoming Liberal (defining concepts like guerrilla gardening, ride share and food rescue) all the way to the Tiny Zine of Self Love (filled with tips and tricks for maintaining your inner smile) - there is something for everyone in the Tiny Zine collection. Tiny Zine Collection comes to you by full time music video producer and part time sass monster Anna Duckworth has been making zines since 2009. Each year she lets the zine gods guide her in a different direction and this year IT'S┬áTINY.  
    kakelake     Kakelake Kakelake is a small zine distro/artist group in Auckland, stocking an indescribably rad selection of really good and recent local zines, small-press books and comix.  
    Ash Spittal   Ash Spittal Ash Spittal makes zines about being different and being okay with it. He writes about being a queer transguy in New Zealand and draws pictures of fellow queers, punks, friends and superheroes. At the Auckland Zinefest he will be selling a bunch of different zines made over the past year and screen printed patches.Facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedintumblrmail