2019 Stall holders

July 1, 2019

Aleksander Sakowski / The Mecha Genesis
Welcome to the history of the future. Set over the next 2000 years, The Mecha Genesis chronicles the emergence of our silicon offspring and our post human evolution through them. Each page is like an individual Wiki entry. All entries can be read by themselves, but read altogether they tell the grander story of
our future ancestors dealt with the evolution of intelligence transforming from carbon-based life to silicon-based life. Evolving to the next genus was no easy process for us humans, as the oncoming two thousand years were filled with historical events that shook the foundations of our species as we know it.
Instagram: Alchemonaut
Amy Hur
In the silent hills, there breathed Daisy, the black forest gangster. Also known as the catnip dealer, welcome yourself into Daisy's reckless life. Afraid to touch animals but enjoys drawing them, nice to meet you!

"I'm Amy Hur and give you eyes a whirl in my short creative series of Daisy and more!" 
Two Aquarians, a Taurus and a Leo share a studio space. Rather than fleeing in opposite directions, they accepted the situation and dove into living together.

Beard and Braid
Beard and Braid is a family of artists: Toby Morris and Sonya Nagels, plus Max and Iggy Morris. They make comics, zines, posters, photos, jewellery and drawings. They also have a cat named Bird but she's not really into zines.
Cannon aka Catalina and Shannon
Cannon is a creative dynamic duo who met at uni. Their works consist of personal experiences with humour and playfulness injected into everything. Expect to find zines, earrings, prints and other explosive things! 
Ben Diez
!!!A freak lightning strike while climbing a mountain in the Bolivian Andes turned a mild mannered yet slightly reckless electrician into a raving art crazed lunatic!!! BEN DIEZ was born!!! - a frantic scribbler in various mediums with a penchant for obscure Japanese culture and mid-century architecture!!! 
Cat Atkinson
“I’m Cat - a queer human-shaped film photographer and cartoonist. My work focuses on details and the softness of the world, and in capturing specific moments and feelings in my life.”
Zines by benjito.bits feature diabolical illustration and tackle some of the big issues; Which spaceship will get you the best intergalactic mileage? And have you thought about getting henchman insurance? Thought not. Best grab a copy.
"i'm casper. i've been drawing since as long as i can remember. i make zines, comics, stickers, prints, anything that requires paper and ink. art has always been an emotional outlet for me, and i find that's where my best pieces come from. the things you'll see from me usually talk about mental health, anxiety, a shit load of introspection, queerness, and generally figuring out how and why people tick. i mean what's more fun than tackling an impossible task, trying to comprehend your own brain? the closest i get is communicating what little i find out, and makin it nice to look at and fun to read.”
Ciara Doelman illustration
I make humorous drawings that are simple but weird. My drawings are tools for generating ideas for my wider practice but they don't usually get to see the light of day.
Colour Codes
Colour Codes, a quarterly zine features a collection of artworks bought together by one colour palette. We celebrate colours by expressing through different artist which results in a range of themes, inspiration and imagination.

Contact details:
Instagram: @hellocolourcodes
email: hellocolourcodes@gmail.com 
Compound Press
Compound Press was founded in 2012 after hours in the print room of an unnamed law firm with appropriated materials. We maintain a particular though nonexclusive commitment to poetry of the Pacific Region, while sea levels still permit. http://compoundpress.org/ 

I'm a young Asian artist who likes making art, collecting cute things and sleeping. My illustrations are a mixture of nice sparkles, pretty women and melancholia.
Coriyu and Chloe de la Lune
Coriyu is dev by day and artist by night, drawing cute things. She loves to create artwork that evoke the world inside her mind, and also takes an interest in Grimes, zines and fashion subcultures. The mediums of her choice are zebra brush pens, coloured pencils, watercolours and Procreate. Her zines are about self acceptance and touch lightly on personal experiences.
Chloe de la Lune - I am an illustrator based in Auckland who likes to paint portraits and tell stories with characters in a fantasy setting. My art is created with a range of media such as gouache, oils, Photoshop and Procreate. I am inspired by children’s picture books, anime and fantasy concept art. I also love to create zines about art and everyday life.
Tessa Stubbing
Cosmo Bones
Cosmo Bones makes art about feminism and feelings. She spends her days drawing, painting and trying to remember to answer her emails with the support of her house-rabbit Piccolo.
A short black and white four panel webcomic about my overactive mind, space, relationships, insecurities and butts.
Emily Cater
Emily Cater is an artist, teacher and zinemaker who loves to draw late at night. Her zines are about little moments in everyday life and how the little things are often the big things really. She will be bringing along her new zine called "Follow the Pylons Home." You can view more of her work at www.emilycaterart.com.
Erin Fae
Erin Fae is an artist, activist and mischief-maker who still feels the need to say she's from New York. She has been making zines for nearly two decades, and her work explores magic, pop culture, queerness, and geographies. www.erinfae.com
GLORIA is an intercontinental publishing platform that focusses on the publication of art and photography books. Our practice approaches the production of the book as a complete process; from concept to design to print. The artist is heavily involved in every step, producing objects that are a full expression of their intention. GLORIA is run by Berlin-based photographer Alice Connew and Auckland-based graphic designer Katie Kerr.
www.gloria-books.com @gloria__books @gloriapublishingcollectiv
IZS Comics
Set in a world where God has lost the rulebook, IZS (found at IZScomic.com) is a comic that will alternately make you belly laugh, cringe in horror and ponder the meaning of existence. It’s run by a team of three (Izak, Becky and Kristof) who have melded their various styles into one wild ride of an experience that constantly surprises readers. www.izscomic.com/shop
Jewelia Howard
Tired Wellington queer drawing flowers, skulls and memes, printmaking and making bad puns.
Jynn Winfield
Simple, but emotional, a lot of Jynn's work contains the ups and downs of her life. She creates in hopes to help others on their road to recovery through humour and experience.
Kate Yoon
"Hi my name is Kate, I graduated with a Bachelor of graphic design last year. I mainly work with digital illustration and I like creating work for children! My zine is about my youth and childhood in Korea, it will have a series of my illustrations inspired by my childhood nostalgia.
The title of my zine is '情' this is a Chinese character which carries the meaning of love, warm or good hearted, or being generous (carries various meanings). I chose that as the title for my zine as that is what I would best describe Korea."
Kerryn Smith
Kerryn is a self-confessed doodle addict who enjoys drawing strange creatures, both real and imagined. Her work is inspired by the weird and wonderful world of nature, but most of the time she just makes stuff up and hopes that it looks good.
Lady Bouvier's Lover
Bonnie’s work consists of watercolours and gouache of dogs in Rarotonga, authors she likes and romance. Zoë draws autobio comics. And Vanessa has a self-help zine anthology called Chicken Soup for the Millennial Soul on Breakups and it’s pretty good.
Instagram @lasterdays @superhowlll
Landroverfarm Press
Landroverfarm Press makes small things made out of other publishers detritus, with covers scavenged from dumpsters and tips and op shops, using a rubber stamp pad alphabet set and a lovely $20 photocopier. Look for the #poetrybrick!
Lenny Zook
Lenny’s work is often auto-biographical and centres around their struggle with mental and physical illness. Their goal is to strengthen the importance of connection and understanding of chronic health issues. Lenny hopes their work can support others struggling through their own journeys, using humor, brutal honesty, oversharing and cute stuff. Lennyzook.com
Lennyzook.com IG:@lenny.zook
The Light Side Of The Sun
The Light Side Of The Sun is a collaboration between two creative friends, Cindy and Sasha. Through their own individual perspectives they share the ideas that were presented to them during a psychedelic weekend.
Lollies and Juice
Thom Burton is the author and creator of Lollies and Juice, a collection of absurd cartoons that range from funny to interesting depending on how much sleep you've had.
He is a musician and songwriter with the bands Wilberforces and SoccerPractise, and sometimes all by himself. He has found his jersey, and hopes one day to be too young to die.
luckywitchzine is a zine maker based in Otautahi, Christchurch. They currently make zines about feminism, witchcraft and the occult. https://www.instagram.com/
The Magpies
The Magpies’ represents us three (Chantelle, Sierra and Arlena), the committee of the newly relaunched AUT zine club! Magpies are emblematic to us in different ways and our zines represent our varying degrees of interests. Come say hi, ask why magpies and hear more about the AUT zine club!
Migrant Zine Collective
Migrant Zine Collective is an Auckland-based zine collective aiming to amplify, celebrate and share the voices of migrants-of-colour in Aotearoa/New Zealand. The idea kickstarted in early 2017 upon the release of GEN M (short for “Generation Migrant”), a zine collated and self-published by Helen Yeung in the hopes of celebrating her own Hong Kong-Chinese diasporic background, along with personal stories of individuals in the Auckland community. https://www.facebook.com/
Minrui Yang
"My name is Minrui Yang, I do a lot illustration, and I love drawing settings/scenarios for existing or original characters. I'm currently studying at Elam school of fine arts and my main interests lie in animation and Chinese painting, although I also practice contemporary art. I like using traditional tools to create my art works, and I'm also trying to develop my art into more narrative based works. I also like doing illustrations for children's storybooks and draw storyboards of the stories from my head in my spare time."
Moon Turtle
A Mood Journal seeks to gently and compassionately support people in nurturing their mental wellbeing by gaining a deeper understanding of the patterns in their thoughts, feelings and behaviour.
Mushy Girl & Emma Herkt
Mushy Girl - sketching with 5B pencil is my favorite media, yet after moving to New Zealand, I've been painting with acrylic and other medias. https://www.instagram.com/

Emma have been exploring her imaginative and creative brain with her exquisite comic style. Auckland zinefest will be the debut of her very first comic.
Emma and Mushy Girl's collaboration of <People in Library> zine will also be available at Auckland Zinfest!
Nina Harper
“I'm a Hamilton-based illustrator largely inspired by the themes and visuals of the horror genre; a lot of my work is a kind of “love letter" to horror/the occult, with influence from comics and films especially.” instagram.com/ninamharper
Owls is a hobbyist who aspires to convey the emotions of a human-like machine with a touch of humour.
At Palette we believe our mental health is one of the most important things in the world. Created and edited by Jenni Porter, Palette pairs gorgeous artwork with stories, articles and poems about mental health.It features supportive, comforting information, as well as moving and honest words and imagery. With contributions from people across Aotearoa and Australia, Palette is a powerful combination of voices coming together for good - breaking down stigma, and showing that none of us are alone. We hope you enjoy Issues 1, 2 and 3!
www.palettezine.com hello@palettezine.com
Paper Jam
Paper Jam is a group of friends using self publication as a way to document and reflect on a range of topics ranging from insecurity, dreams, nostalgia and dungeon crawling frogs. For 2019 we have created a small range of zines and comics to flick through at your leisure.
Powerpuff Gals
"We are the Power puff gals! As a cool collective trio, who share a love for everything creative and the urge to see our ideas come to life to share with those around us!"
Purita Mok
Purita loves to do a free zine every year and this year, it's Lunchtime Loci - a zine about the neat places around Auckland CBD you can go to and chill during your short but sweet lunch break. Purita wishes she had more free time to do more creative things and if you want to see what she gets up to, check our her facebook page @happypurpur.
Rachel Torckler
New Zealand born, West Auckland raised, Elam School of Fine Arts trained, Rachel has loved paint ever since she realised what it is, and what it does. The smell, the colours, the texture, it’s all there. Her hand, on the brush, to the canvas, Rachel as found that nothing comes close to the freedom of instinct and expression that paint allows. She is determined to find out all that paint is, and all of the ways that she can create with it.
Sani is an excitable, experimental human, constantly chasing the tingle in the back of your eyeballs when colour is just slightly too bright and jarring. They try to spread radical kindness, and disintergrate self shame through humor.
They mess around with comic zines, prints, art dolls, one off jewelry and wild handpainted clothing.
Selcouthbird is a mixed pakeha/chinese artist who does weird little cartoons. @selcouthbird (instagram)
Sophie Watson
Sophie Watson lives in Auckland and balances art and craft tutoring with illustration work and her own arts practice. Her zines have won ‘Best of the Fest’ awards at the Auckland Zinefest in narrative and artwork categories and her comics were featured in ‘Three Words: An Anthology of Aotearoa/NZ Women’s Comics’. http://
Stephen Njoto
Stephen Njoto is a concept artist, illustrator and portrait artist who loves drawing and creating characters and worlds! 
Tashi Rd
Tashi Rd is an Auckland based Cartoonist/Animator creating slice-of-life comics about pooping, parties, periods, and all the rest of life's problems.
Tempest is a bubbly hurricane of colour and darkness. Her work focuses on disturbing people and breaking boundaries. She loves using bright happy colours as well as dark and down right gorey. With things like 4 eyed blue cats and naked body's stuck together with bloody goo. Her zine work focuses on the art she creates as well as mental health! Tempests work caters to everyone's strange needs. Tempest works in many mediums but mainly focuses on digital, acrylic and watercolour. Welcome to her corner of strange.
The Tourettes Recovery Unit
"Kia ora auckland, we are a group of local writers lead by writer / poet dominic hoey . we meet up once a week to workshop things in the making . probably need a kind curation, via kind of channel, to kindly catch that motivation - this zinefest is a good springboard to work towards an apparition of some kind of unit. thanks for that ! x"
Willow Scarlett
Willow Scarlett is a punk novelist and artist parked in a van out back of Palmerston North. Their zines combine art and words with artisinal handicraft techniques, such as stamping, embossing and bookbinding.
Woolf Zines
Welcome to the world of Woolf Zines... the world in which we inhabit. This land is fertile and rich with creativity. Tall tales grow as big as Kauri trees; poetry beats its wings against the brisk wind; ink and paint flow in a kaleidoscope of colours.
Our visual art combines with poetry and prose in a mashup of creative talent, that explodes into a funky art form known as Zines.
Zine /zi:n/ noun A homemade publication devoted to specialised and often unconventional subject matter. We can be found at Zine Fests around the country (New Zineland), peddling our wares and enjoying the company of other like-minded creative souls.
Wrought Material
Wrought Material is an amorphous art collective and publishing concern based in Auckland, New Zealand. Spearheaded by artist/designer Alexander L. Brown with foundational works by tattoo queen Sera Helen, collage unit Kylie Johnson and James Bakker, and graphic surrealist Grant Sheridan. Wrought Material will be disseminating two new publications at this year's Zinefest.

"Hi, I'm xephia and I'll be bringing art zines, prints, and stickers to Zinefest this year. You can find me at www.xephia.net"
Yerin Ryoo
"I like taking streams of thoughts (about feelings, wordplay, small things, comforts, and more) and turning them into stories - whether they turn out very coherent or not."
Meet your local zine vending machine! The Zine-o-Mat turned a retired Snackmate vending machine into a way to get more zines into the hands of more people. Find out all about the Zine-o-Mat and how to get involved. https://www.instagram.com/
Annabelle Beans
Annabelle Beans is a Auckland based Illustrator. She loves mermaids, witches and all things flowery.
@annabelle_beans http://hotsta.org/
Atory, specialises in The Art of Doing Nothing. Balances time in day dreaming and night dreaming. Interested in making books/zines interesting. Loves human being and being human. Still alive.
Black Eye
I'm Black Eye, aka Bee. I am an illustrator, designer and screen-printer who creates retro anime and horror-inspired illustrations and merchandise of casually dark taste. My body of work is comprised of art prints, stickers, zines, screen-printed apparel and tote bags and more.
Camila Placid
Camila likes deep talk. Her zines contain insights about sexuality, intimacy with current and past lovers, Jungian and Freudian dreams, daddy issues, obsessions, music, spirituality, the 90s, women's liberation, communism, bisexuality, migration, mythology and death. A true over-sharer and a wannabe good listener."
Chippy is a creative bean who can often be found at his small 5-star resort and local lo-fi art museum Inky Palms making juicy zines with his Riso printer.
Ciene (Celine) – a passionate design student that leans towards minimalism and abstraction as both have a large boundary for exploration and expression, incorporating both traditional and digital media into their works. Ciene mostly works with a dichromatic colour palette and concepts that involve people, emotions and nature.
Lib-Life Stories / Central City Library
Central City Library launched its debut issue of Lib-Life Stories at Auckland Zinefest 2017, and has been releasing new material at Zinefest ever since.
We are now very excited to present three new releases this year Auckland Zinefest 2019!
Queer Life Stories (Stories and insights from Queer Librarians and Auckland’s LGBTQIA community).
Cinema Complex (Film Reviews, recommended reading, Comics, librarians reviewing each others reviews).
Lib-Life Stories 3 (Third instalment of comics anthology about librarians by librarians).
Dark Assortments
Dark Assortments combines the creative powers of two chocolate shop assistants.
Kate is a photographic artist based in Auckland, NZ. She uses predominantly medium format film to convey the female experience. Some of her influences include horror films, ghost stories, myths, spirituality and our connection to the past. She has also been likened to a vampire more than once.
Esther illustrates tough, tender wahine moving through imagined and real decaying worlds. Constantly renegotiating what being Filipino/Igorot in Aotearoa looks like, feels and means - she spends Sunday afternoons learning to abel (traditional weaving) with her 83 year old neighbor.
 & http://instagram.com/
Ebony Boskovic
previously called Experiences & Experiments (E&E). Ebony is currently a student at Elam School of Fine Art and works primarily with photography. This year she plans to showcase her dreamscapes series and make it into a photo zine! Will also be featuring prints of some of her other photography from her art ig @ebony.boskovic (sneaky plug) and some small hand painted pictures! Her photography style is influenced by editorial and fashion photography with a mix of her own dreamy aesthetic and interests in textures and fabric. Come check it out!
Francesca Sie
"I love working with colour in my art. My illustrations look at the world around me through line and colour, often inspired by scenes from The Simpsons. I really enjoy taking images from around Auckland and turning them into something slightly unfamiliar or other worldly."

Instagram art_heaux_69
"Frank, they were born here but are not from here. These are the good days."
Friends of Upper Queen Street
We’re just a group of emotional gals
Trying to do life right with our pals
Out on the road or back in town
All the kinda critters put catdog down
Gotta rise above it
Gotta try to get along
Gotta walk together
Gotta sing this song
Alone in the world was a little catdog
Gabi Lardies
Gabi Lardies is a radical leftie sweetheart nerd who likes: weird print technologies, reading, writing, gardening, cycling, poetry, oranges, swimming, non-fiction, and I guess lists. This picture is also my tinder profile xoxo
Groovy Smoovy Zine
Collection of comics by Natalie Lim. https://www.instagram.com/
Harriet & Esther
Esther Li and Harriet Reihana are graduates from Unitec, both having recently completed a Bachelor of Creative Enterprise. Esther is of Chinese heritage, and a graphic designer and illustrator. Harriet is of British and Maori descent, and an illustrator and contemporary artist. Both artists use their practice as a platform to tell stories about their cultural identities and everyday lives.
Hayden is a nonbinary artist who often uses art as a therapy practise. The art they enjoy includes wholesome messages, warm colours and nature. The zines they will be selling this year feature themes around processing trauma and celebrating queer intimacy, even the heartache. They will also be selling some prints and magnets !! Check out their art account on Instagram @pagesfrommyj0urnal if you’d like to see more of their work
iara makes photozines that are filled with messy photographs and thoughts. she explores and likes to collect specific feelings and moments in her life that make her feel nostalgic, melancholic, but grateful. growing up is hard!!!! let's make art about it!!!!"
instagram: @eyeass
website: http://iara.online/
Jamie Sands
Jamie Sands is a queer non-binary kiwi author. Their zines are about dreams, cats, gender and monsters. They released their first Young Adult novel this year - the Suburban Book of the Dead, which is an action-packed ghost story. Amazon and mail gods willing, they will also have copies of their new gay sweet romance - Rival Princes available, which is a romance set at a theme park.
Janet Lu
Janet Lu is a design student who makes art and animation. She draws random illustrations and instances. 
Kier is a published poet & photographer from southern england that draws inspiration from the simplicity of everyday life as a queer, trans artist stumbling through relationships, loss, and finding a sense of identity. Their art is mainly portrayed through 35mm film and free verse poetry.
Laura Allen
Laura is both an illustrator who enjoys drawing plants and animals, and a writer who enjoys writing down every tiny idea that pops into her head. This will be her 6th zinefest 
Instagram @lauraelizabethallenart
Lesley Ung
"Hi! I'm a digital design student who does animations and doodles. Am I fading? Absolutely. I am currently working on Project: Enlightenment which blends 2D and 3D elements for an animated short film."
Naomi Allan and Abigail Aro Ha
Naomi Allan and Abigail Aro Ha are the two creatives who make up Inky Fatigue. Inky Fatigue is a collaboration of two inky friends, who situate their illustrations around fluidity of movement, dystopian realities, and real conversations.
Overcommunicate Magazine
Overcommunicate Magazine is a zine for LGBTQIA+ women, non-binary folk, and friends. The stories, poems, essays and artwork in each issue reflect experiences of being queer or being women.
Packed Lunch Club
Packed Lunch Club is the moniker for Auckland-based creative amoeba, Ezra Whittaker-Powley.
Drawing inspiration from off-beat instagram illustration, DIY craft and naive art, PLC pumps out riso-printed zines and hand-made treasures for nice people such as yourself. Follow @packed_lunch_club on Instagram, and explore more of Ezra's projects at ezrawhittaker.com
People Against Prisons Aotearoa
People Against Prisons Aotearoa (PAPA) is a prison abolitionist organisation working for a fairer, safer, and more just Aotearoa.
Pukekohe High School
Nyle Turuwhenua, Sala Deng, Kyrah Dunn and Bianca Parish are year 10 Art students from Pukekohe High School. This is their first foray into making zines and comic books, having made their comic books as part of a class homework assignment. They have entered the zine fest on the recommendation of Dylan Horrock’s who thought it would be a good chance for them to share their work with a wider community of artists. They are pleased to display their work and learn more about making original publications.
Platform Store
Platform Store is a conceptual retail project specialising in international streetwear and specialised art and lifestyle publications. Our physical flagship store is located in Mt. Eden and acts as a space that not only houses a roster of international brands, but also acts as a cultural hub for the creative community in Auckland.

This Zinefest, Platform Store will have on offer a variety of our publication offerings from houses such as IDEA books, Magazine B, Hypebeast and other rare publications from our personal collections. Along with this, we will be debuting our first zine titled "Zero Hours in Shinjuku" which highlights our only drunken memories of Tokyo through the lens of disposable cameras purchased in our inebriated state.
Prune Friend
A humble collection of zines and trinkets depicting portals to a far away land. Here, its inhabitants are reawakening their humanity and unearthing darker forces that have laid dormant until now. Come and experience the first encounter with these people and discover what secrets they hold.


Richard Stine
"I am a long time professional artist. Born in California in 1940. I self-published my first book— SMILE IN A MAD DOG’S EYE, in 1974. Since then I’ve self-published many books. Some of these have been republished by larger main stream US publishers. I have always made original art, limited edition prints and posters, books and sculpture. I am a maker of things.
Along the way, my wife Margaret and I started a small publishing company—Pal Press. Its focus was solely on printing and distributing my art on note and greeting cards worldwide. It ran successfully for over 20 years, 4 years ago, after many years of dividing our time between the USA and New Zealand, we sold up in America and moved permanently to New Zealand where I continue to make art and do experimental printing and publishing in my Birkenhead studio,
The Auckland Zinefest will be the first time I’ve shown my work in public in NZ." 
Rooster Tails
Rooster Tails will be selling a selection of zines, comics, prints and pins that celebrate rainbow communities and the amazing stories we have.
Scout of the Woods
Scout is a scrawler of silly, swampy scribblings and murky, magical mags.
Sofia Drescher
"I am an American/Danish illustrator born in New York City and living in Auckland, New Zealand. I come from a family of artists and spent my childhood drawing and traveling the world. I studied in London, completing a bachelor’s degree in Textile Design from the Chelsea College of Art, and a Masters’ degree in Illustration from the Royal College of Art.
I self-published my first book titled “Arana” which gained awards and made its way into the private collections of the MoMA Library in New York, the V&A Museum library in London and the MACBA Library in Barcelona. Following the success of “Arana” I continued producing books; “Agatha’s Men” which was self-published, and my last book “Visa Run” published by Café Royal Books. I enjoy creating work for all audiences as much as I love to illustrate controversial subjects matters with a humorous twist. I’m currently working on a children’s book that I have written and illustrated."
Sammie Lee
Sammie's childlike artwork expresses her playfulness. She often switches between pencil and watercolour, with an ever-changing art style. She hopes her zines makes people happy and brings out their inner child Follow her on Instagram @realsamwich
Sophie Procter
Sophie makes hand made poetry chapbooks under the umbrella ‘Our Little Pieces’, she believes if we all share our own little pieces, together they can create something big and beautiful that connects us all.
Team 3000 Press
Team 3000 Press is Sergio, Liam, Max, and Suneil. Our offices are located next to the closed barbershop on the east side of town, one block over from the glue factory. https://
The Human Theme Song
"My work is about my life: education, music, running, NBA fandom"
TV Competition: FutureFutureFuture
TV Competition: FutureFutureFuture is, a comic/zine group that has grown from the artists associated with Màpura Studios and has since early 2016 embraced randomised approaches, generating diverse personalised strategies of comic creating.


Or see our activity at https://www.facebook.com/