2019 Stall holders

July 1, 2019

Alexander Sakowsky
Welcome to the history of the future. Set over the next 2000 years, The Mecha Genesis chronicles the emergence of our silicon offspring and our post human evolution through them.
Amy Hur
In the silent hills, there breathed Daisy, the black forest gangster. Also known as the catnip dealer, welcome yourself into Daisy’s reckless life. Afraid to touch animals but enjoys drawing them, nice to meet you!
Annabelle Beans
Annabelle Beans is an Auckland based Illustrator. She loves mermaids, witches and all things flowery.
Two Aquarians, a Taurus and a Leo share a studio space. Rather than fleeing in opposite directions, they accepted the situation and dove into living together.
Atory, specialises in The Art of Doing Nothing. Balances time in day dreaming and night dreaming. Interested in making books/zines interesting. Loves human being and being human. Still alive.

Beard and Braid 
is a family of artists: Toby Morris and Sonya Nagels, plus Max and Iggy Morris. They make comics, zines, posters, photos, jewellery and drawings.
Ben Diez
!!!A freak lightning strike while climbing a mountain in the Bolivian Andes turned a mild mannered yet slightly reckless electrician into a raving art crazed lunatic!!! BEN DIEZ was born!!! – a frantic scribbler in various mediums with a penchant for obscure Japanese culture and mid-century architecture!!!
Zines by benjito.bits feature diabolical illustration and tackle some of the big issues; Which spaceship will get you the best intergalactic mileage? And have you thought about getting henchman insurance? Thought not. Best grab a copy.
Black Eye aka Bee.
I am an illustrator, designer and screen-printer who creates retro anime and horror-inspired illustrations and merchandise of casually dark taste. @blackeye_toast
Camila Placid
Her zines contain insights about sexuality, intimacy with current and past lovers, Jungian and Freudian dreams, daddy issues, obsessions, music, spirituality, the 90s, women’s liberation, communism, bisexuality, migration, mythology and death. A true over-sharer and a wannabe good listener.

Cannon aka Catalina and Shannon
A creative dynamic duo who met at uni. Their works consist of personal experiences with humour and playfulness injected into everything. Expect to find zines, earrings, prints and other explosive things!
I make zines, comics, stickers & prints. The things you’ll see from me usually talk about mental health, anxiety, a shit load of introspection, queerness, and generally figuring out how and why people tick. @doomegg
Cat Atkinson
“I’m Cat – a queer human-shaped film photographer and cartoonist. My work focuses on details and the softness of the world, and in capturing specific moments and feelings in my life.”
Chippy is a creative bean who can often be found at his small 5-star resort and local lo-fi art museum Inky Palms making juicy zines with his Riso printer. Chippydraws.co
Ciara Doelman illustration
I make humorous drawings that are simple but weird. My drawings are tools for generating ideas for my wider practice but they don’t usually get to see the light of day. @ciaradoelman

A passionate design student that leans towards minimalism and abstraction, incorporating both traditional and digital media into their works. Ciene mostly works with a dichromatic colour palette and concepts that involve people, emotions and nature.
Colour Codes A quarterly zine features a collection of artworks bought together by one colour palette. We celebrate colours by expressing through different artist which results in a range of themes, inspiration and imagination.
Compound Press
Compound Press was founded in 2012 after hours in the print room of an unnamed law firm with appropriated materials. We maintain a particular though nonexclusive commitment to poetry of the Pacific Region, while sea levels still permit. compoundpress.com
I’m a young Asian artist who likes making art, collecting cute things and sleeping. My illustrations are a mixture of nice sparkles, pretty women and melancholia. @controlzee_
Coriyu and Chloe de la Lune
Coriyu is dev by day and artist by night, drawing cute things. She loves to create artwork that evoke the world inside her mind, and also takes an interest in Grimes, zines and fashion subcultures. Her zines are about self acceptance and touch lightly on personal experiences.

Coriyu and Chloe de la Lune
Chloe de la Lune – I am an illustrator based in Auckland who likes to paint portraits and tell stories with characters in a fantasy setting. I am inspired by children’s picture books, anime and fantasy concept art. I also love to create zines about art and everyday life.
Cosmo Bones
Cosmo Bones makes art about feminism and feelings. She spends her days drawing, painting and trying to remember to answer her emails with the support of her house-rabbit Piccolo. @cosmob0nes
Dark Assortments combines the creative powers of two chocolate shop assistants.
Kate is a photographic artist based in Auckland, NZ. She uses predominantly medium format film to convey the female experience. Some of her influences include horror films, ghost stories, myths, spirituality and our connection to the past. She has also been likened to a vampire more than once. @katerampling
Dark Assortments combines the creative powers of two chocolate shop assistants. Esther illustrates tough, tender wahine moving through imagined and real decaying worlds. Constantly renegotiating what being Filipino/Igorot in Aotearoa looks like, feels and means – she spends Sunday afternoons learning to abel (traditional weaving) with her 83 year old neighbor. @estpelto
A short black and white four panel webcomic about my overactive mind, space, relationships, insecurities and butts.