2016 Stall Holders

July 4, 2016

Meet the stall holders for 2016 who will be displaying their works at the zine market at Auckland Art Gallery!

Alix RogersonAlix Makes

Alix and Megan both make zines on a range of topics form poison to ornithology and queer theory. We are showing for the third year at Hamilton zine fest and thought we should branch out!



Amane & Me with Zines: Caliology, Ornithology, and more!

Amane & Me studies encountered one-eyed creatures and other subconscious memorabilia, as seen on their field notes, a notable collection of tragic dimensionality, absence of colour and very neglected gallantry. Their work resonates stories of their journeys together through whimsical, hand-drawn portraits and landscapes.

Ash SpittalAsh Spittal

I am an Auckland based illustrator and zine-maker. I have been involved with the Auckland Zinefest over the last three years and will be selling zines old and new.


Sophie Labelle

Assigned Male Comics

A comic about a transgender 12-years-old, as she fights transphobia with sarcasm.



Auckland LibrariesAuckland Libraries
Auckland Libraries holds over 1000 local and international zines to browse and borrow. They are housed at the Central Library (and include an historic NZ collection) but most are requestable to any local branch. Zine librarians Tessa, James and Tim will be at Zinefest (cos Zinefest ✌), and to answer questions and give away some of their own creations.


Brent-Willis-cat-mummy-bristle-thumbBC Publishing (aka Bristle Corp Wellington)

Despite nearly twenties of making zines it never gets any easier to describe. They are mostly comics but some are not. There are lots of them. They veer between insightful and idiotic. Some are collaborations and anthologies but most are not. Some are new new and some are not so new. Some are short and some of them are describable. Some are best left shrouded in glamorous mystery although none of them can really be described as glamorous. Mysterious maybe, but not glamorous.


Liam MagurenBefore It Gets Dark

My zine is a short, humorous, existential comic about two girls – Awanui and Jay – walking home from the park during sunset, talking about everything and nothing. When they pass a dead bird on the ground, it sends the conversation to morbid territory, though Awanui doesn’t seem all that fussed about deep stuff. It’s an idea that spawned from my fascination with how children talk about heavy subjects like death, and how those ideas change over time. I’ve written immensely for websites like Flicks and The Spinoff and have made a couple of 48 Hours Short Films, but this is the first time I’ve ever published something.


Bad News Brown

Alexander L. Brown is an Auckland based illustrator exploring the esoteric and obscure in ink. His publications cover selected illustrative works, written collaborations and musical aesthetics.


Bruce TobinBruce – Ride or Die

Ride or Die is a photozine containing images from travel in SE Asia & Oceania, exploring people’s modes of movement through urban space.



Nik BradshawCCS – CardcaptorSatan

A Travelers Guide to the Pokemon World: Kanto Edition. Welcome traveler to the picturesque region of Kanto, a place where both novice and experienced trainers alike have faced challenges and Pokemon some have only dreamed of experiencing. This guide has been designed by expert travelers, top Pokemon Co-Ordinators and Pokemon Masters to assist you in your own journey of the region. Also included is a brochure for tours of the ruins in Kanto, Pokemopolis and Pokelantis, a FREE Pass to ride the Magnet Train for a lifetime and a flyer warning of the criminal gang known as Team Rocket. Prints of the Art used will also be available for purchase and other freebies include leftover stock from last year.

Colleen PughColleen Pugh and Friends

Colleen is a part-time zine maker using them mostly as an outlet for silly ideas and a place to practice illustrating. Colleen will be bringing her mixed collection of zines including hybrid mythical creatures and an illustrated food journal, as-well-as brings some publications by her friends.


RossMurray_6x4COSMIC DUST

Ross is an illustrator, author and comics creator. At Auckland Zinefest he’ll be selling ‘Cosmic Dust’ – a three-issue anthology collecting past and present comics. He lived in Auckland for many of his formative years but now spends his time hiding out in the Bay of Plenty.


timdanko_xinedeadxeroxpress & TV COMPETITION : FUTURE FUTURE FUTURE

deadxeroxpress has been a comic and zine transnational mystery bag since 1990, some of which have been historically archived in the print collection of the Australian National Gallery in Canberra (wooooo). DXP promotes its comic friends Silent Army (Melbourne) and Oats (Hamilton), and will have several of its ownnew editions but most proudly will be in association with….

TV COMPETITION : FUTURE FUTURE FUTURE, a comic/zine group that has grown from the artists associated with Màpura Studios. It is a randomised powerhouse, generating personalised strategies of owning culture at large. Mock-Busters, Trunks in Bieber City, and Molk – Fuel not Food of the SS Dolphin 2.0 are all concepts that have emerged in TV COMPETITION’s short life already.


Kirsty WinDiary of a Hufflepuff / On A Sugar High Zine

I’ve been reading and writing zines since I was a teenager. My previous zines include my perzine series On A Sugar High, embracing my book nerd status with a collection of reading log zines and a few one shots. My newest zine is Diary Of A Hufflepuff. It is the geekiest zine I have ever done.


Dryden Street DistroDryden Street Distro
Dryden Street Distro is a new Auckland-based distro, which sells zines on behalf of zinemakers. Our aim is to provide a worldwide platform to showcase and distribute high quality zines from Auckland and the wider New Zealand.


EarthsEnd Publishing Kelly SheehanEarth’s End Publishing

Earth’s End is a small NZ publisher dedicated to presenting local comics to a wider public.



ElCrappoEl Crappo Comics

El Crappo Comics has produced comics with little success since 1984. Our current catalogue includes the bestselling “Scooters of the Apocalypse” with almost 60 copies sold (some to people we didn’t know and weren’t related to), the recently released “Pigboy” (of which a friend expressed vague interest in obtaining a copy) and the updated 2016 edition of the “Phonemic Horror” (2 copies of which were sold/given away and shortly afterwards retrieved from the recycle bin so are still available). Hopefully my daughter will also have her zine ready.


Feminists Of ColourFeminists of Colour

Our zines are inspired by naive postcolonial rage living under the white supremacist capitalist imperialist heteropatriarchy. We explore themes of conflict, chaos, and we celebrate pride in our diasporic identities. Our zines are a vehicle for the voices of feminists of colour.


Gabi LardiesGabi Lardies

Hello! Love getting hands on and making a physical object, exploring the feel and experience of a book. zines include writing, drawing, photography, research. Themes of work include the natural environment, the personal experience, feminism. I like the explore the form of the zine as an extension of the concept of content so they often take on alternative shapes and bindings.


Flynn GoughGeil

Howdy fellas, Flynn’s the name. After receiving my first film camera Ive been experimenting with making zines for the past couple of years , mainly as an outlet for the photos i’ve been taking personally and also collaborating with my talented friends. The zine i want to show this year is one iv’e been working on since i got back from travelling europe a couple of months ago. The zine is based on my experiences in the city of Berlin around new years in the winter time, with descriptive photos of the citys gloomy asthetic and diverse culture.


Irene Lee ghostleg_logoGhost Leg

Ghost Leg is a small collective of ex Unitec students who share a common interest in memes and zines, goofin’ and gaffin’ along the way.



Marama SalsanoHine-nui-te-po’s Vagina: a Feminist IndigiZine

Marama is interested in the realities of indigenous women. She has an MA in creative writing from Victoria University and has had both prose and poetry published in Turbine, Landfall, Swamp and several print anthologies. Hine-nui-te-po’s Vagina: a Feminist IndigiZine arose from research towards an MEd paper in 2016 and contains a series of erasure poems which seek to subvert the texts of mainstream romance novels.


Erin FaeImaginary Windows / Mess of a Dreamer

Erin Fae is a an artist, activist and mischief maker who sometimes lives in New York and sometimes in New Zealand. She has been making zines for nearly two decades, including a feminist and art perzine, a collaborative zine about loving coffee, and a fanzine all about Taylor Swift.


in search of wildflowersIn Search of the Wildflower

I’m a Auckland based motion designer. I find happiness in making illustrations then bringing them to life, reading picture books, picking flowers in the wild, and tending to my mini cacti garden. My zine is about my obsession towards poisonous plants and fungi in New Zealand. It will be a combination of photographs and illustrations.

Indefinite MagazineIndefinite Magazine

Indefinite Magazine is a collection of visuals we’ve been collating from a not-so-normal point of view, focusing on perspectives, heights and tones.


Inky Palms

Inky Palms

。*。+。 ≈ Waves of fluorescent milky soy crash upon the exotic golden sands that surround the Inky Palms tropical island resort. Let the paradise of pastel paper treats wash over you like a creamy banana soy milkshake. The Inky resort staff work hard to deliver and create the most exciting and delicious paper treats your furry little paws will ever get to caress. Featuring the work of your favourite Inky Pals Chippy, Caity J, Dirk Peterson and more ≈。+。*。


Christopher 'Kristof' HainesIzak Smells

Izak Smells is a darkly absurd comic set in a world where God has lost the rulebook. Izak Flash, Becky Hunt and Kristof Haines each contribute to this comic in which tyrannical statues, cultist ants and flatulent wizards all make an appearance.


Jenna RohanJenna & Rohan

Jenna is a Photographer currently finishing off a bachelor of design degree at aut, and will have her current zines with her as well as a new zine made for zinefest. Rohan studies fine arts at Whitecliffe and will be making a zine of her painting and work for the zinefest.


Jessica MorganJosie & Jessica

Jessica is a visual art student and Josie is a graphic design graduate. We are working together on an illustrative zine based on ideas around living with mental illness. We use our respective skills to visually express some of our personal everyday experiences and interactions and these collaborative illustrations will be compiled into a small publication. We may also make individual prints of our work alongside the zine.

landroverfarm presslandroverfarm press
David Merritt – Upcycling poet / national treasure




Zoe Colling 2Lasterday’s slacks

‘Lasterday’s slacks’ is my second autobio mini comic. The main subject is domestic matters. The comic is mostly one page comic diary entries which feature conversations with friends and family about things like the merits of Thunderpants, slightly dodgy homemade rescue remedy and understanding the depths of the KonMari method. Plus, there are a few drawings of people I see, on the street, in car parks and standing by bouncy castles, usually wearing colourful clothes.


Laura AllenLaura Gigi Allin

24yo cinema employee trying to get my life together. my zines are about me/dogs/things I remember from when I was younger



Loui 4 Luey artwork promoLoui 4 Luey

Loui 4 Luey is a zine written and published by Georgia and Nicola that narrates their story. Their zine is supported with socks that the zine can be sold with or without. Having encountered each others work, Georgia and Nicola were brought together by their shared creative interests and their common issues of inbetweeness. Looking for a location to identify themselves, and a way to express a shared desire for belonging, they found inspiration in the DIY culture of self-publication and zine culture of the mid 1970’s. With a current lack of locations and mediums for self-expression, they embraced DIY methods to design and make things that would give voice for their design narratives. Their aim is to create a product that offers a connection and identity to the end-users as a validation to a community, echoeing the strength self-publicated zines offer for people looking for alternative forms of communication and identity. They are offering this through a combination of socks and zines. Socks are a functional necessity that is gender neutral, accessible for all people and most importantly are a significant form of self-expression. As designers, they feel the design potential for socks as individual signifiers is underplayed. They seek to create socks that explore the pecieved potential in every way; emotionally, aesthetically, and physically.


Marc ConacoMarc Conaco

Philippine-raised Marc Conaco is on a mission to get to know his pre-colonial self better by drawing inspiration from his own culture and heritage. He’s currently very interested in Philippine mythology, tattoo culture and the traditional alphabet called Baybayin. His new zine discusses his journey of decolonising the mind and hopes to make his ancestors proud.


Meliors SimmsMeliors Simms & Friends

It’s been more than 10 years since Meliors Simms started making artist books, zines and letterpress. She continues to collaborate with other artists, writers and letterpress printers to create a diverse body of work.


Mellow YellowMellow Yellow

Mellow Yellow is a local Asian feminist zine which started in 2005. It features collections of writing, poetry and art based on personal experiences that seeks to link the connections between migration, racism, identity, oppression, class, queerness, decolonisation and gender.


MRGS Comic & Zine ClubMRGS Comic & Zine Club
Zines created by YR 12 Art students and members of the Comic & Zine Club at Mount Roskill Grammar School.



No-Pride-in-Prisons-thumbNo Pride in Prisons

No Pride in Prisons is a queer and trans prison abolitionist organisation based in Aotearoa. We do advocacy and support work for trans prisoners, as well as direct action and campaigning around prison issues.


Rebecca ter BorgPaper Assassins

I’m a free-lance illustrator interested in small press, I make prints, stickers, postcards and am currently working on a sticker zine/book and an over-size giant zine.


Rachel PearyParker+Peary

A collaboration of two Hamilton students. Making publications with humorous honesty.



Peachy KeenPeachy Keen

Peachy Keen Magazine is a bi-monthly online downloadable PDF magazine written by teenagers for teenagers. The three teenagers who make this happen, alongside submissions mainly from Kiwi Youth, Peachy Keen make a fun and interesting zine for anyone to read. Gab runs a little blog called ‘gabrielles’ where she shares content about her passion and projects. She shares a lot of photography projects and interviews specifically on local bands. She loves combining her interests and passions and through creative outlets she can express her love for many things. Peachy Keen involves fashion, food, culture and the ‘real talk’ no one likes talking about. It’s important especially as young people that this is a big thing that we can connect with.



A drawer of things based in Auckland with an interest in the formal qualities of comics and zine making.


Zanalee MakavaniPeels & Deadbeat Jazz

Deadbeat Jazz is an alien overlord. When she isn’t terrifying the kids at the skate park with her scooter, she’s at home drawing all the sick stuff she saw during the day. Peels never leaves the house. She loves all things cringe and is great at making terrible illustrations.


M.Emery Pikitia Press LogoPikitia Press

Publisher of Nifty Sweet As NZ Comics




Nicole Chinn pompompromoPom Pom Dynamite

Pom Pom Dynamite is an Auckland-based trio who simply love to draw and create. The thing that drew them towards zines was the freedom of self expression and being able to create a work on any topic imaginable. They will be presenting their Grimes fanzine with illustrations based on her music, as well as various other zines, prints, and stickers.

Roostertails6x4Queer and Trans Comics Stall with Rooster Tails 

I’m a queer and trans comic artist who writes the comic Rooster Tails, and I’ll be hosting zines and comics from queer and trans creators across NZ.



Makyla Curtis - r_m zines imageR&M Zines

Experimental art, poetry and typography zines. This stall includes zines from Makyla Curtis and Richard Kearney alongside poetry zines by local poets such as Erena Johnson. We also have a few te reo Māori zines. This stall also has Potroast back issues available.


Raewyn AlexanderRaewyn Alexander

Various zines – Naked Food and Takeaway Truth, poetry, Better Writing, and Earth and Rain both “how-to-write” zines, plus hand-made and collaged books, with poetry sometimes, they are also notebooks. I hope to Write Poetry While You wait as well. My daughter Geneva Alexander-Marsters may also add some zines with mine, she’s in SoccerPractise and could be promoting them.


Save our homesSave Our Homes

We are a research and praxis collective based in Tāmaki Makaurau and run a website named Save Our Homes which focuses on housing policy, community resistance to the gentrification of Glen Innes. While our focus has been on resisting state-led gentrification in Tāmaki with the sale of and privatisation of state housing this changes are occurring all over Auckland, and Aotearoa. Similar processes of gentrifications unfolded in Grey Lynn and Ponsonby throughout the 70s, 80s and 90s. It is poignant to consider that the zine fest is taking place on K’rd. Currently K’rd’s unique character is gradually eroded as retail spaces are redeveloped to appeal towards the consumption practices of middle class Aucklanders. As communities such as K-rd and Glen Innes are destroyed in pursuit of profit we argue that critical housing conversations are important to everyone. In particular, younger people who are in the flux of being perpetual renters in the rising housing crisis and we make this knowledge and skill transferring accessible through our website (www.saveourhomes.org)


Clare GemimaSex Club Synergy

Sex Club Synergy presents a range of varied zines, publications, prints, stickers and other DIY treasures created by a group of art and design students. All interested in various aspects of the design world, Sex Club Synergy aims to bring artists together to showcase an “all over the place” feeling to self publishing and subjective passion.


Camila Araos ElevanciniSingle Dad

I started making zines as an outlet for absurd moments at work. My most recent zines try to describe moments such as the overwhelming experience that is walking down Queen street and include drawings of peaceful shapes.



I’m Clay, I’m queer and I love creating art. My art is very personal to me, and each work I create is a small part of me. I really hope to positively influence people out there with my work, even if all I did was help just one person to feel a little bit less lonely.


Richard-Fairgray-thumbSquare Planet Comics

Square Planet Comics publishes and promotes comics by a wide range of people from around New Zealand. The comics range from graphic novels to comic strips, to sketchbooks by up and coming artists.




Hello, I went to Elam for a fine arts degree, been continuously painting and drawing afterwards, have never really made proper zines before, but love to tell stories visually through my illustrations/paintings, take sth mundane and make it quirky? Also love experimenting with materiality and different mediums and hoping to be able to sell some objects too. (are mugs/ t-shirts allowed?)


sugacyanSuga Cyan

Pablo is a Mexican-born artist who have been living in Auckland for six years. He loves comic books, editorial design and of course, zines! Pablo and Gaby (the mastermind behind the colourful crafts of iyari.co) have a few varied zines that deal with humanity, life, death, cats and tacos.


Suzanne ClaessenSuus Agnes

Suus Agnes or Slayer Mouse is a Dunedin-based writer, illustrator and visual storyteller. She produces graphic experimental works including comics, graphic novels, letterpress poetry, graphic poetry and illustrations. Her works are dream-like and colourful with a dark undertone.


The LaingsThe Laings
Melissa Laing is an artist and theorist who creates publications in the intersection of art, politics and (in)security. She lives out west and goes on boating adventures in Auckland’s rivers and estuaries with her friends.
Sarah Laing is a writer and comic artist who makes comics about life, parenting and angsting. She’s currently living in Karori near where her Father, Grandmother and Katherine Mansfield, the subject of her current graphic novel, grew up. Mansfield and Me will be published by VUP later this year.


Miriam CollinsWhat We Loved Was Not Enough

Returning to Zinefest again this is a collective of creative friends involved in various activities from illustration to design, architecture to photography and street art all coming together to create and make zines. Subjects range from esoteric weirdness, symbolic overload, violent truths, myths, floral fancies, dry jokes to poetry and spells. All coming together as a mish mash of creative force including but not limited to the talents of Miriam, Juliette, Mayan, Tupac and Thomas.


Zine FriendsZine Friends
Zine Friends is a collective from the Media Design School community. After a successful Auckland Zinefest 2015 we’ve got some new faces joining our forces, ready to share some awesome zines on a variety of topics at this years Auckland Zinefest!


ZR-Southcombe-thumbZR Southcombe

ZR Southcombe is a writer & artist, and publisher of the (wo)manpower zine – a series of zines interviewing women in the creative arts. She also publishes colouring books, anthologies, and children’s fiction – two of which are shortlisted for the Sir Julius Award 2016. Zee loves working with kids, exploring creative expression & play.


Team 3000Team 3000
Comics, drawings, games and prose by Liam Bowen, Sergio Cornaga, Max Coombes & Suneil Narsai. This year’s debuts include:
📼 Girlz Night – a surreal adolescent journey to the video store
🌠 Mabels of Madness – a legally and psychologically dubious compilation of Gravity Falls fan art
🍆 Paul Megranite: Servant of the Egg – Paul’s adventure continues in a world of brutality and violence… but is he the cause?
💤 Seeing With Closed Eyes 3 – Liam’s dreams reveal his deepest fears and aspirations (or maybe its all meaningless)
❓ and more?


Barry LintonBarry Linton

Creating comics since the 1970’s, founding contributor to long running NZ anthology Strips, quite possibly New Zealand’s hardest working cartoonist.


CindyTan-thumbCindy Tan

Cindy Tan’s art and publications combine narrative and experimental imagery. Often using ink and watercolour in creating her work, there is a focus on minimal and expressive brushwork to show the hand of the artist. Inspiration is drawn from foggy dreams and the thought of one day owning a dog.


Devon SmithDevon Smith

Tattooist and painter, I make zines about strangers I’d like to meet, books I like and cathartic diary comics.



GGeorgianne Griffithseorgianne Griffiths

We are a small collective based at School of Biological Sciences, University of Auckland working on entomological (interpreted broadly as invertebrates), behavioural and ecological themes.


Pastie PoliticsKalee Jackson

Kalee Jackson is a graphic designer who likes to make zines and prints based on whatever takes her fancy. So far this has included Pastie Politics: Burlesque and Feminism in New Zealand, a collection of strange letters from her neighbour, Love Your Work: Fan Art Swap and public transport.


Linda LewLinda Lew

Linda Lew is a zine maker and community arts organiser who makes zines about interesting places she visited and quirky things she dreams up in her head.


Louis Graham.jpgLouis Graham

Mini comics by Louis exploring out relationship with nature and ourselves. Those are my zines



MeganAu_PFJ_ImageMegan Au

Oft-described mature young person with a weakness for rooftops, photo-books, feijoas, etc. > I document. My (to be made) zine will be a lil outlet of nostalgia and travel. Photos and thoughts. The individual experience, relevant universally. etc.


Renee-Jacobi-thumbRenee Jacobi

Hi my zines in the past have been about cultural observations however in the past year I have connected with my inner femminasty so this year I will have a mixture of cultural observation zines and ones on feminism and friendship


Henry Christian-SlaneHenry Christian-Slane

I am an Artist, Illustrator and writer, with a narrative focus and an interest in comics as a unique visual storytelling medium. I work mostly digitally but frequently use traditional paint mediums like oils and Watercolours.


Sophie WatsonSophie Watson
Sophie is an Auckland based artist, illustrator and zine maker who has been involved in the zine community since 2009, through the zinefests, her shop The High Seas and in recent years through workshops teaching kids about zines. Her zines range from silly and lighthearted to wry and tragicomic, all deftly illustrated in pencil, ink or gouache. She used to be known as Sophie Oiseau but these days goes by Sophie Watson.


Sunny-and-AatirSunny & Aatir 

Sunny and Aatir are newcomers to the Zinefest scene. Sunny is passionate about non-Freudian psychology, and indie comics. Sunny will be bringing a set of zines which explores psychological health, male witches, and kale. Aatir will be exploring sufism poetry. Sufism is the mystical aspect of Islam. It is different from mainstream Islam. Sufism is feeling content in heart and ignoring negativity but God, this is not to be taken literally. Looking at it metaphorically, you can find God in anyone. Most part of Sufism is mystical and psychological experience. Sufism is characterized by ‘asceticism and ‘dhikr’ or remembrance. He will bring a collection of couplets that I see with high level of Queerness.


Theo MacdonaldTheodore Macdonald

Theo makes comics about people who are bad at their dream jobs. Some of these comics are autobiographical, many more are slanderous.




I am illustrator, who does fashion illustrations,portrait illustrations and cartoons.



Uptalk MagazineUptalk Zine

A biannual publication based in Aotearoa New Zealand showcasing creative young women doing cool shit, sharing our stories and experiences through written and visual works.


Zarah BMZarah Butcher-McGunnigle

Zarah is a poet from Auckland.