2014 Stall Holders

July 21, 2015

NZZRNew Zealand Zine Review
NZZR was founded in 2013 by Kylie Buck and Tessa Stubbing. NZZR aim to promote local zines, offer critique and feedback and facilitate discussion around zine making in Aotearoa. We post reviews to our blog every Monday, and publish a printed annual that features zine-related tidbits and info.


Liberty 3 cover

Liberty Comix
Liberty Comix, by James Lainchbury, is a “romantic photo-essay love story” (Bryce Galloway) satirising the (slightly fictitious) lives and times of Sigmund Freud and his nephew Edward Burnays as they ‘liberate’ the world with their ideals of Consumerism, Mass Population Manipulation, Sexual and Emotional Repression, and General Skullduggery.


Anna Tokareva

Anna Tokareva is currently making a zine comprising of photographs and some words from my last trip to Rostov-na-Donu (my home town) I have conceived it as a sort of supplement to a book on architecture, built in the 1920s–1930s in Rostov, that my uncle has recently written.


B.M.C.T and the side projects and hobbies of an hyperactive artist, Andrew McLeod, will be showcased. 

A fatalistic humour.





Pikitia Press square

Pikitia Press
Pikitia Press is a small press publishing operation based in St Kilda, Melbourne. Founded in 2012 to publish works by and about ANZ cartoonists, Pikitia Press also functions as an ongoing effort to record contemporary cartooning/comics and cartooning history in ANZ via The Pikitia Press blog at pikitiapress.com.


climaterooms mlaingMelissa Laing
Melissa Laing is an artist, theorist and curator based in New Zealand. She is reworking government documents into poetry and image Melissa Laing’s publications explore the contemporary and historical state of the nation.



Pushinguppixels Collective

Puinguppixels Collective is an art collective from Tauranga.



Sticky Institute

Sticky Institute
Sticky Institute is a zine shop from Melbourne Australia. The shop has operated since 2001, stocking over 11,000 individual zine titles from all around the world. The organisation is completely volunteer-run and also coordinates the yearly Festival of the Photocopier in Melbourne.



Pia Crawford
Pia writes sappy poetry and put them in books, turns out people can really relate to them and really like the idea. At the moment Pia has four: You, Self Portraits, Beard and PPF. They’re about her experiences with self discovery, love and loss.


Xin Chris

Xin & Chris
Xin and Chris are artists that encountered each other by chance through a shared love in tyres. They will be hosting an installation that grew out of their “making do” project.



S-Oiseau-ZFSophie Oiseau
I’m an illustrator who loves crass jokes, crude puns and cute animals. Sometimes I collaborate with my literary sister (our ‘home’ zine tied for best literary zine last year). I’m currently working on an old movies fanzine (featuring reviews and lots of drawings of Cary Grant).


bilbophiliaBibliophilia and Black Fox Press
Meliors Simms has been making artist’s books and zines since 2004 and has been blogging at Bilbophilia since 2006. Phil Guthrie is a letterpress printer. Together they collaborate at Black Fox Press.




Grafikheart’s make Rach Croft is self-described as: “Zine maker, crazy cat lady, graphic designer, baking enthusiast, human etc”




IHSwHP cover 27 Galloways

Bryce Galloway’s Incredibly Hot Sex with Hideous People, perzins and zines by his daughters Sadie & Esther Galloway. Drawings, comics and recipes from ages 3 to 10 years.


Sam OrchardRooster Tails

Rooster Tails is the comics blog by Sam Orchard that contains comics and zines celebrating Queer and Trans life in NZ


Zine_Promotion_kyle_BoonzaierKyle Boonzaier
Kyle Boonzaier is a young, Auckland-based illustrator was raised in Island Bay, Wellington. Half Spanish, half South African and half New Zealand, Kyle’s perpetual identity crisis and questionable counting abilities only add depth to his ever-growing artistic style and story telling abilities.

Depot Press CroppedDepot Press
Depot Press releases independent publications with a focus on arts, culture, the vernacular, identity and an array of other confusing subjects.


Ducklingmonster focuses on interactions with paper kipple resulting in inky comic mess on clustered pages. There will also be a back catalogue of zines and comics that were sold through a zine space in Wellington a couple of years ago.


RY logoRainbow YOUTH
The organisation provides support, information, advocacy and education for queer and trans* young people. We are just starting up a creative group where young people can connect, create and collaborate.


Random AssortmentA Random Assortment
We are a random assortment of cool/weird people who make zines, art, comics, poetry, noise, waves and trouble. We are interested in painful beautiful truths, activism, quiet strange realities, wonder and the fantastical, queer and trans* issues, the seemingly normal, super heroes, etc.

leilei_beginningsLei Lei Kung
Lei Lei is a current (f)art student living in Melbourne, collecting thoughts from people watching/recording moments and scraps from the visual diary and collected ephemera.


sophie_appropriation cover 1Sophie Gardiner
Appropriation is Sophie’s attempt at poetry through a physical cut-and-paste remix of work by some of her favourite poets. The resulting poems are set against archival photographs from Life magazine.

Compound PressCompound Press
Compound Press is a publisher of poetry based in Auckland. We concentrate mostly on handmade chapbooks by NZ poets. Other ventures include Minarets Journal & Annexe Journal.



JACK - Dirk PetersonDirk Peterson
Dirk Peterson has been making zines and numbered prints for just over a year now using predominantly Risograph printing and screen printing. To date, he has released 3 collaborative zines and 3 zines of strictly his own work.


timdanko_xinedead Xerox press
dead Xerox press is a trans national (Australia / New Zealand) comic enterprise since 1990 something and since 2006 in loose coalition with Oats and silent army comic art collective.


adamtanAdam Tan

Adam is an illustrator living in west Auckland. He likes to make work with ambiguous narratives that let people question themselves and their environment.


Karl WillisThe Comicbook Factory
The ComicBook Factory is a micro-press publishing house for comics, cartoons and animation. The latest comic book is an ongoing medieval fantasy called “Holocaust Rex”.


Miriam-JulietteWhat We Loved Was Not Enough
This is a collection of zines based around interactions with nature, life and travel in magical and mystical lands. Dark, mournful yet humorous reflections.


PrintAUT Zine Club
AUT Zine Club is a zine making collective based at AUT that includes both seasoned zine makers and talented newcomers. They have a wide variety of zines, including illustration, comics, design, and written word zines.


This is a joint venture between Auckland Libraries and AUT aiming to raise media awareness, feminist thought, and critical thinking in teen girls, specifically those aged 14-17.


Kirsti HoganXephia
Xephia’s, aka Kirsti Hogan, zine explores style development in illustration. It focuses on character, personality and the process of developing an individual and unique character drawing style.


Hana and ZachDreary Modern Life & New Vogue Idea
Dreary Modern Life is a sister publication to New Vogue Idea and is edited by Hana Aoake and Zach Williams. Dreary Modern Life explores an aspect of contemporary life by encouraging a broad range of artists and writers to respond to a specific topics.


mollyluluLulu & Molly
Lulu & Molly are a pair of your regular weirdos, whose zines are filled with queer ponderings, sketches, poetry self musings & reviews. They live in Onehunga but are missing Otahuhu, have gone to art-school & go to art-school, drink bourbon, hug cats make art & talk a lot.


potroast logo zinefestPotroast
Potroast, Launching Issue #13: Science & Erotica designed by Lucy Meyle – founded in April 2009, is a semi annual literary magazine of original short-fiction, poetry, illustration, photography and art. Potroast has a focus on work which is exploratory and experimental.


kirstyszinesOn a Sugar High
Kirsty has been making zines on and off for over ten years now but it only since her moving to Auckland six years ago that Kirsty has been writing on a regular basis. She makes a perzine called On A Sugar High.


Brent WillisBCW Publishing
BCW Publishing have been self-publishing comics and zines since the mid ‘90s. Current projects include a quarterly zine called Whark which features comics, opinions on various esoteric subjects, travel stories, music and more.


Camila-AraosSingle dad
Single dad is an illustration project started as a means to digest absurd moments in hospitality, spiritual emails from your dad and acid-capades.



Cardiello -Find Magic ZFinding Magic and Incandescent
Michael Cardiello’s book “Finding Magic” is a documentary and visual diary of his unique and restless journey after graduating art school. He will also bring Incandescent, a bi-annual Color Film Zine dedicated to emerging photographers.


Sarah LaingSarah Laing
Let Me Be Frank is now up to #5, the When I Was memoir issue. Sarah Laing is a cartoonist, book illustrator, short story writer and novelist. She draws comics for Metro Magazine and has been posting webcomics for the past 5 years on her blog. She’ll be running a zine and comics workshop at Artstation with Alex Wild Jespersen from July 2014.



New Zealand Comics Creators (or NZCC) is a non-profit distribution network for self-published local cartoonists, helping to distribute their comics across the country at a variety of popular culture events.



Liam New ZineLiam Bowen
Liam does comics. All his stuff is kinda weird and personal comics, maybe dream comics, or drawing people in public places, or revisiting half finished comics, or just little worried “how’s my life gonna turn out?” comics.


Phoebe CarsePhoebe Carse

“i don’t know what to write here and this is stressing me out.”



Richard-smallSquare Planet
Richard Fairgray is the publisher at Square Planet. It puts out a variety of comics by a small group of creators that range from mini comics to zines to graphic novels and children’s books.



The Tiny Zine Collection
The Tiny Zine Collection: Measuring a mere 5cm by 7cm, each 28 page edition of The Tiny Zine Collection more than makes up in quality what it lacks in size. Well, actually the size is pretty cute… so it’s win/win.


Ash SpittalAsh Spittal
Ash Spittal makes zines about being different and being okay with it. He writes about being a queer transguy in New Zealand and draws pictures of fellow queers, punks, friends and superheroes.



Kakelake is a small zine distro/artist group in Auckland, stocking an indescribably rad selection of really good and recent local zines, small-press books and comix.


Kathryn Van BeekFrisson

Illustrated short stories.



David MerrittLandroverFarm Press
David Merritt make books using recycled materials.




Media-Design-School-Logo-smallMap My Zines – Media Design School
This collective of imaginary users seek connection through the shared experiences of abstract journeys – be they physical or digital.



Louis Graham

Mountain Moon Volcano
This web comic is the effort of Louis Graham, who makes comics all about all sorts of rad things but mostly mountains because they’re hella sweet.



Lucy ImageLucy Meyle

Lucy creates experimental comics and non-narratives. She is also interested in the space between word and image.


Ziggy imageZiggy Lever
Ziggy Lever is an Auckland based artist interested in probing language to explore the framing of ideas as art.



AHPAssociation of Handcraft Printers
The Association of Handcraft Printers is made up of people interested in the practice of letterpress printing and all that is entailed in that – from the machinery to the skilled operating of the equipment.