2013 Stall Holders

July 13, 2015

ruby-little caravanLittle Caravan Publications Fans of paperdolls, pinball, fairy-tales, toadstools, soy-sauce fish, typewriters, ukuleles, cute babies, folk music, dioramas, onesie pyjamas, punk music, pop-up books, russian dolls, little houses, swear word origins, beekeepers, doll houses and so much more... facebook.com/littlecaravan lucy meyleLucy Meyle Lucy is artist who has released several self-published comics, and is interested in the experimental nature of the medium. Her publications tend towards the rhythmic and minimalist. lucymeyle.com   rickitinic-postcardsRickitinic Productions Rickitinic Productions is a zine brought to you by illustrator Nicola Brady. It is a collection of her pen and ink illustrations, featuring rickety, dilapidated, tumble down structures. nicolabradystudio.com potroast-makylaPotroast Potroast, founded in April 2009, is a biannual literary magazine of original short-fiction, poetry, illustration, photography and art. Potroast has a focus on work which is exploratory and experimental. We look for work which is expanding boundaries within the literary concepts of poetry, short prose and dialogue based writing (i.e. short pieces for performance) and art & illustration which explores the boundaries between image and storytelling; narrative drawing, graphic storytelling. potroast.co.nz hwah2HWAH Health Wealth & Happiness is a found-art nightmare catalogue that minces together a 'best of' collection from our stock-pile of haunted post-it notes, angry car-park communiques, Mormon pamphlet oddities and other gross/fantastic ephemera. hwahhwah.tumblr.com Madagascar cockroach, lying on his backKakelake Kakelake is a small zine distro/artist group in Auckland, stocking an indescribably rad selection of really good and recent local zines, small-press books and comix. kakelake.blogspot.com   laura_macfehin-fit to printFit to Print Fit to Print is a cross between Coffee News and the New Yorker. Book and film reviews, lifestyle advice and other flotsam for the cheap cheap price of free.   sam_orchardSam Orchard Sam Orchard is a queer and trans* comic artist who writes comics about the awesomeness of gender and sexual diversity in New Zealand. roostertailscomic.com sophie_oisseauSophie Oiseau Sophie Oiseau is an Auckland based illustrator who likes to draw weird plants and alligators with pineapples. She is currently working on a zine about annulai on legless squamata (i.e. snakes wearing watches/sweatbands etc). confettiyeti.blogspot.co.nz stop being a pudStop Being A Pud Two twenty-something males from Auckland wonder why dating life is so hard and what celebrities are more fuckable than other ones. stopbeingapud.com   things we're not going to talk about -Simon GennardThings We're Not Going to Talk About "Here is saying I love you when you don't mean it. Here is the smell of your perfume. Here is your mother's wedding dress. Here is the name on the tip of your tongue and the girl you couldn't forget. Here are some things we're not going to talk about." notgoingtotalk.com buzzferkchurnt-ben carrollBuzzferkchurnt Illustrator, animator and graphic designer who likes melting, timetravel, interdimensional travel and freaks. buzzferkchurnt.tumblr.com   amaActionman Adam Marc likes drawing comics. The one he spends all his time on is called ActionMan Adam, a comic about a young Canadian trying to find love in Christchurch. He hopes it makes people smile. actionmanadam.com   Benedict-independant woman recordsIndependent Woman Records Son, messiah, deceiver / Pale like bloodless human veins / Sickness, darkness, decay / Mankind shall drown in its delusions     karl-comic book factoryThe ComicBook Factory Karl at the ComicBook Factory makes and self publish comics. Currently working on a Japanese superhero comic called Princess Seppuku, when she's not disguised as the toilet cleaning Maid Kyoko she flies about fighting crime. comicbookfactory.net Richard Fairgray-blastosaurusBlastosaurus Richard Fairgray self publishes a range of different comics and mini comics by myself and others including Blastosaurus, I Fight Crime, Ghost Ghost, Clip Show, The Darwin Faeries, Irrelevamp, Men on the Moon and others. blastosaurus.com adam tanAdam Tan Artist/Illustrator located in Auckland, New Zealand. Currently working on a comic anthology zine with other artists including Henry Christian-Slane, Maxi Quy, Nick Blazey and Alexander Martin. tanadam.com   luisa toraLuisa Tora Preoccupied with all things queer, brown, and female. Zine by second year Manukau School of Visual Arts student, Luisa Tora.     andrew_mcleod Andrew McLeod/The BMCT The BMCT is an bollocks illiterate pseudo academic biannual publication, completely beyond the ability of the arts educated middle classes. Which is doubly stupid because that is the only possible audience. Also 'pointless drawings' and 'extra pointless patches' this year too! "Textiles are the future of high brow expeeremuntal futureyness." andrewmcleod.co.nz/folders/aritsts_books/BMCT/ ellen-womens monthlyWomen's Monthly Women's Monthly satirizes the celebrity trash modern day consumers love to hate. Find out what all of your favourite celebrities are saying, wearing and screwing through Ellen Degenerate's hand-drawn lens, and see what happens when tabloid gossip meets an entertainment dystopia. ellendegenerateart.tumblr.com let me be frank (sarah laing)Let Me Be Frank Let Me Be Frank is a series of autobiographical comics by Sarah Laing. Themes range from writing, reading, parenting and angsting to consuming and being celebrity-obsessed, and are drawn from my every day experiences. Sarah will also have a number of mini-comics, a range of comic books published by Pikitia Press (AU), and will be sharing her stall with her son Otto Lane who draws comics about monsters/robots/lions, and sister Melissa who has published an art book Commonly Occurring. sarahelaing.wordpress.com richard (some kind of robot)Richard Richards The Shared Table is a mish-mash of zines ranging from comics & illustration to intellectual experimental writing by local artists and writers, including a couple of zines by students from Howick College. Artists and writers include Kelly Malone, Eli Lamont, Boris White, Makyla Curtis and Richard Richards. AUT-ZINE-CLUBAUT Zine Club AUT Zine Club is a group of young graphic designers currently creating new zine works. Most of the zines will be 'humourous observations about the world', with some illustration publications thrown in for good measure. Featured designers include: Ezra Whittaker, Lauren Stewart, Jacinta Conza, Eden Short, Darren Menorath, Melanie Bosma, Melanie Bosma, Diana Xavier, Bianca Evangalista and Nicole Marr Henry-christian-slane-zineHenry Christian-Slane Henry Christian-Slane is an artist and illustrator working in New Zealand. His zine Myriad is a compilation of artwork and short comics by artists Henry Christian Slane, Adam Tan, Maxi Quy, Nick Blazey, Alex Martin and Kyle Boonzaier. henrychristianslane.com Kelly Sheehan-NZCC-check copyrightNew Zealand Comics Creators The NZCC represents a wide cross section of self-published New Zealand cartoonists.     Brent-Willis-Bristle-CorpBCW Publishing BCW Publishing have been self-publishing comics and zines since the mid '90s. Current projects include a quarterly zine called Whark which features comics, opinions on various esoteric subjects, travel stories, music and other stuff that feel appropriate at the time. Brent also edits and publishes an annual collection of comics The Bristle Annual which features cartoonists and zine makers from Wellington and further afield. marc-conacoMarc Conaco Marc is an Auckland-based graphic designer by day, and a freelance illustrator by night. Marc loves working with his hands; all his creative projects start as scribbles and sketches on scrap paper before finding its way to the computer. mcthree.co.nz lane_parkLane Park Watercolors/ pop-up/ paper-lust/ fun /magical/ unicorncheese... Lane's magical zines are a combination of illustrative watercolored iceberg inspired stories and poems about life.   Rach-GrafikheartGrafik Heart Zine maker, crazy cat lady, graphic designer, baking enthusiast, human etc grafikheart.com/zines   beth-ducklingmonsterDucklingmonster Zine/comic/zine/comic's of kipple crazes radiocola.tumblr.com     kirsty-win---on-a-sugar-highOn A Sugar High Kirsty's zines tend to be of the personal, geeky, book-obsessive type. She writes a perzine called On A Sugar High, creates reading-log zines every few months, and comes up with ideas for zines and zine names the same way that most people come up with band names. alkalinekiwi.blogspot.co.nz Liam-b--SWeeing-with-closed-eyesSeeing With Closed Eyes/Coolguys Liam has been making comics and zines with my buddies since 2006. For the past 2 years he has been producing Seeing With Closed Eyes, a comic series based entirely on dreams I've had. coolguys.me   gary-TheGoodTheBadThe Good, The Bad The Good, The Bad describes life. The way we live, the choices we make, our experiences and all the ups and downs we face along the way. Creator Gary Silipa is currently working on issue 2 of 12. thegoodthebad.co.nz monoAmono Auckland based artist whose work revolves around drawing, painting, and various hand generated print processes. kenneth00merrick.wordpress.com toby_morris-XTOTLXTOTL Toby Morris is an illustrator, designer and comic artist who has been making zines for about 15 years (since he has 16!) Just recently he reprinted an old comic that he made in 2001, and has just completed a book of drawings about his first year as a parent. xtotl.tumblr.com rebelpressRebel Press Rebel Press is an anarchist publishing collective based in Wellington. They publish zines, pamphlets and books on radical politics and history, as well as publish the anarchist journal Imminent Rebellion. All of their publications can be downloaded for free in pdf format from their website. rebelpress.org.nz now-whatNow What? Now What? is a zine made by recent AUT design graduates trying to find their place in the design world post uni. It will explore the two creator's thoughts on graduate life from different perspectives, and feature snippets of their conversations and general musings on where we find ourselves after study. artists_allianceAppliance Artists Alliance is the trusted source of information for the visual arts community in New Zealand. We exist because without artists, there is no art. Appliance is a publication produced by Artists Alliance, and is for young, emerging artist/student/new graduates, featuring listings from galleries around NZ. Appliance is produced in partnership with individuals, groups, institutions and provides a professional development opportunity for would be 'arts publishers'. appliancezine.org ash_spittalAsh Spittal Ash Spittal is a transman living in Auckland. Ash will be producing a publication that brings his love of illustration to life through a collection of drawings of transguys. Illustrations from this ongoing series will also be available to purchase as art prints.   hana-aoke---dreary-modern-life Dreary Modern Life Hana Aoake has been making zines since she was eleven. She is currently working on both a series of one-off meat porn zines and a publication called Dreary Modern Life. The latter is concerned with the mundane trappings of contemporary life. The former explores the idea of animals as meat, meat as food, the disconnect between the dinner plate and the animal and the desensitisation of modern living. kyle_boonzaierKyle Boonzaier A collection of fun illustrations and hand written stories from Kyle's adventures throughout the globe, with a creative assortment of travel related and well designed zine materials. kyleboonzaier.tumblr.com