2012 Stall Holders

July 15, 2012

Minarets is a quarterly poetry journal based in Auckland. It features contemporary poetry from New Zealand, as well as international contributors and New Zealanders living abroad.


Ducklingmonsters Spacethings
Ducklingmonster’s zines of crazes, bedroom floor kipple and music making on broken things.
radiocolla.tumblr.com / thefuturians.bandcamp.com


Weddings and Babies
Weddings & Babies is an informative manual for the modern urban men and women.

Weddings and Babies is the collected works of obscure information, rare news pieces, reviews, interviews and investigative reporting from New Zealand and around the world.

With Issue One completed and Issue Two due for release on July 1st this informative manual is basically an interesting piece of bathroom literature designed to kill time and stimulate your thought patterns.

Stacey Teague
Makes zines about her life mostly because she has a bad memory and likes arts/crafts time, includes writing and dumb drawings, on various topics like love, buses, dinosaurs, seasons, travel, music etc.


Little Caravan Publications
We like paperdolls, pinball, fairy-tales, toadstools, soy-sauce fish, typewriters, ukuleles, cute babies, folk music, dioramas, onesie pyjamas, punk music, pop-up books, russian dolls, little houses, swear word origins, beekeepers, doll houses and so much more…


Independent Woman Records
Joy Division were particular awful, they were.
Joy Division were shit.
Joy Division were fucking rubbish.
I don’t even like us being mentioned in the same sentence as Joy Division.
They were so awful, they were so, so… so unambitious.
They took themselves totally seriously.
I don’t even wanna talk about Joy Division.

Let Me be Frank
I’m a cartoonist (I contribute to Metro and Little Treasures) and a writer (I’ve published 2 books – Dead People’s Music and Coming Up Roses.) My comics are autobiographical, about my life as a writer and a mother. I have drawn over 600 pages for my blog, and I’ve compiled some of these into mini books and zines.

Rooster Tails Comics
Comics about being a trans and queer dude in Auckland. Sam will also be selling on behalf of the Dunedin Comic Collective.


David Straight
I am a self publishing photographer/artist working in artist books. All books are self published, printed and bound in Auckland. My books increasingly question the ubiquitous nature of photography.


Self published comics written by myself and illustrated by various people. A dinosaur with a gun, a ghost who struggles with invisibility and Marxist theory, two guys who work in a comic shop where there’s a bear for some reason, I have it all (unless all includes things not listed).

Vanessa Berry
I’m an Australian zine maker who has been making zines since the 90’s. These days I make I am a Camera and Disposable Camera – they’re life stories, sometimes travel stories. My most recent zine is Band T-Shirt, which is about the band t-shirts I had as a teenager.

Kakelake // Baby Genius
The zine and book distro branch of High Street’s handsomest art dealership and cool place: we’ll have an indescribably rad selection of really good and recent local zines and small-press books, as well as a selective bunch of good things from other cities we’re friends with (Melbourne / Masterton / Sydney / London / etc).

Marc Streeter
Marc likes drawing comics. The one he spends all his time on is called ActionMan Adam, a webcomic about a young Canadian trying to find love in Christchurch. He hopes it makes people smile.


Rickitinic Productions
Rickitinic Productions is a zine brought to you by illustrator Nicola Brady.
It is a collection of her pen and ink illustrations, featuring rickety, dilapidated, tumble down structures.

Stop Being a Pud
Two white middle-class males who co-author cries for help. Why are girls scary? Why are Aucklanders predictable? Why is there going to be a movie based on Tonka trucks?


Things We’re Not Going to Talk About
Things We’re Not Going to Talk About is a series of anonymous conversations that maybe shouldn’t have happened. Covering topics ranging from heartbreak, to marriage, to mortality, to John Malkovich, to overzealous Korean teenagers, each issue features six interviews with accompanying photographs, collages, and found objects.

Presence Magazine
Presence Magazine is a window into a lifestyle of bohemian coolness. It is for people looking for something new: bands, writers, fashion designers and artists.


Mellow Yellow
Mellow Yellow is a zine created by Asian feminists in Aotearoa dealing with various topics: decolonisation, activism, anti-racism, white privilege, class, sexuality, queer subjectivities, diasporas and homelands, rabbits, cats and justice!

Drawings by a painter, and umbrella for side projects thereof or there ov… and also content my of disease Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.


A Series of Lies
I am first and foremost a writer and musician – my zines are a place for all my random poetic thoughts to dwell and inspire others. There is no logic or purpose to my publications other than to entertain and bewilder. They are tiny and cheap – the intention is to create something that can be read over a coffee and passed to a friend, something fun to ponder and share for a small moment during a busy day.

Sometimes I Feel So Distance
duckling monster space thingsA first zine full of doodles and ramblings from here and there. Sentence which better in written than spoken. All of this compiled and combined by a girl who think minimalism is cute and dinosaur is awesome!

Bristle Corp Wellington
BCW Publishing produces underground comics by Brent Willis and his collaborations other people. Brent Willis has steadfastly stuck to the DIY ethic and self-published for the last 15 years because he likes it. He is working on a new comic zine called Wark!, the first issue of which should be available in time for Zinefest 2013.

Anarty is about contemporary art from NZ but also from all over the world. There will be articles reviewing art I like and how they related and compare to the art scene currently. I at times try to use some of the techniques these artists use, and I showcase my own work using these artists as artist models. I also dabble in craft too. There’s a bit of anarchy or Anarty! – but it comes together in a magazine.

Rebel Press
Rebel Press is a small anarchist publishing collective based in Wellington, producing quality anarchist literature written in Aotearoa and the wider South Pacific.


Potroast was founded in April 2009 and is a biannual literary zine which publishes original short-fiction, poetry and art.

Potroast has a focus on work which is exploratory and experimental. We look for work which is expanding boundaries within the literary concepts of poetry, short prose and dialogue based writing (i.e. short pieces for performance) and art which explores the boundaries between image and storytelling (narrative drawing, graphic storytelling).

Lucy Meyle
I’m a recent grad of illustration into alternative and experimental comics. My most recent publication is an exploration of time/space in relation to the experience of youth.


Bryce Galloway
Bryce Galloway’s long running perzine will be in stock; Incredibly Hot Sex with Hideous People – an oft humorous, self deprecating diary in words and drawings.

Also present will be zines by his children, Sadie and Esther – various titles featuring witch narratives, recipes and drawings.

Tessa Laird/ Peacock Revolution
Limited edition prints, using image and text combinations and print technologies to bring art to the masses at affordable prices.



Liberty Comix
Can our heroes SIGMUND FREUD, EDWARD BURNAYS, JEAN-MARTIN CHARCOT, and JOSEPH SMITH save the World from WILHEIM REICH’S rampant concentrated ORGASM ENERGY???!!!!
SEE Eddie Burnays in a hawaiian shirt! SEE Siggy Freud asleep in bed!! SEE some yoga instructors cavort in a field in CANADA!!! At a ZINEFEST near YOU!!

Inhabitants/ into the dark woods/ NCCC
Combination stall of Sheehanbros comics and New Zealand Comics Collective.